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Wrestling Philosophy


Willmar Wrestlers will develop a style that is exciting to do and watch where the ultimate objective is to pin. We will place a high premium on position and forcing action in every phase - always striving for aggressive and intelligent wrestling. Willmar Wrestlers will train to be great in the neutral position, yet also be complete wrestlers – with weapons from all three positions and being a threat to score from anywhere. Wrestlers will train to develop and demonstrate the highest degree of Mental and Physical Toughness.  Every wrestler’s style will vary, and we will teach to each individual’s attributes and strengths.  However, we will strive to provide a consistent and strong foundation of basic skills and knowledge instructed in our program.  Willmar Wrestlers will pursue their wrestling strategy with an emphasis on - position, pressure, score.


Position - Our wrestlers will strive to be advantageous in every situation; working to maintain positioning and control over their opponent.  Maintaining position against your opponent provides a defensive advantage and limits your opponent's offensive attack, while providing opportunities to score.

Pressure -  Our training will prepare us to constantly pressure our opponents to outlast them in our matches.  With proper positioning we will aggressively pursue our opponents; aiming to mentally and physically defeat them.

Score - Our wrestlers will be prepared to use their arsenal when opportunities arise in their matches, and will create opportunities to score from maintaining proper positioning and constant pressure on their opponents.


Cardinal Wrestling  Techniques

Neutral Position:
  1. Square or slightly staggered stance
  2. Head contact and position
  3. Hands down, grab wrists and climb
  4. Elbows in
  5. Work to favorable tie-up
  1. Inside tie
  2. Underhook
  3. Collar tie
  4. Russian tie
  1. Hi-crotch series
  2. Single leg series
  3. Double leg/Duck series
  4. Front head series
  1. Head position
  2. Re-directs and hand positioning
  3. Single leg sprawl
  4. Double leg sprawl
  5. Hi-crotch sprawl
  1. Spiral
  2. Chop
  3. Deep waist ankle
  4. Ankle/leg ride
  1. Near wrist
  2. Cross wrist
  3. Leg ride
  1. Half series
  2. Cradle series
  3. Cowboy series
  4. Turk series
Bottom position
  1. Base drill
  2. Changeovers
  1. Outside leg stand-up
  2. Sitout series
  3. Granby
  4. Switch