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Program Philosophy

The young men and women who decide to join the program at Willmar High School will be instructed in the fundamentals of the sport of folkstyle (or collegiate style) wrestling. They will learn proper techniques, strategies, conditioning, good nutrition, goal setting and discipline. Whether one is a beginning wrestler or one which has been involved in the sport for many years, he/she can expect to excel in our program. A strong work ethic, high commitment level and good sportsmanship will all be emphasized by the coaches and will be expected of each wrestler.

Each day should be an opportunity to improve oneself with the ultimate goal in mind of being the best YOU can be. We do not expect every wrestler to be a league, section or state champion. What we do expect – and demand – is that each wrestler strive to be the very best that he/she can be with the tools that they have at hand. That success level will be measured differently for each wrestler and will be based on individual athletic ability, experience and desire. The level of commitment and discipline required to be successful at the sport of wrestling will be carried by these young people for the remainder of their lives.

Keep in mind that we are at a level of competition where a certain amount of dedication and sacrifice is expected. We all want to win matches, with league and section titles being major goals. We will set team and individual goals based on the experience level of team members and will do everything we can to achieve those goals. What we will not do though, is sacrifice good sportsmanship and ethics to achieve it. We want to develop character along with a well trained athlete.

The Willmar Wrestling Program will, above all, strive to develop wrestlers into quality young men, prepared for future success in life. We will instill and develop quality characteristics in our wrestlers such as: Work Ethic, Respect, Responsibility, Sportsmanship, Discipline, Self-Control, Perseverance, Honesty, Integrity, Team Work, Determination, Confidence, Humility, and Composure.

Each Willmar Wrestler will strive to become the best wrestler that he can become. We do not expect each wrestler to be a section or state champion. What we do expect – and demand – is that each wrestler strives to be the best he can be with the tools he has at hand. While the individual component of wrestling is one of the great and unique aspects of the sport, the Team must – and will – come first. Each Willmar Wrestler must be willing to sacrifice and do what is in the best interest of the Team. Only then will the Willmar Wrestling Program reach true success.