Roosevelt Library Procedures

  • Check Out Procedures

    1. Students come to the library during their scheduled time each week. If a student needs a book sooner he or she is always welcome to come in with the permission of his/her teacher.
    2. Books are generally checked out for a two week period. The student may extend the time by just checking out the book again.
    3. K-2 students visit the library every other day. The student does NOT have to bring back their books every other day. Please take the time at home to read and enjoy the book. K-2 students can check out one book at a time for a total of 2 being checked out at any time. A book will need to be returned before another book can be checked out.
    4. Grades 3-5 students will be coming in with their homeroom teacher once a week. At the beginning of the year they to will follow the 2 books at a time being checked out in their name.
    5. If a book gets damaged at home please just bring it into the library and we will fix it up.
    6. If a student cannot find the book, a reminder page will be sent home with them. A student will not be able to checkout a new book until the checked out book is returned.

    **Parents: We know that losing a book happens! However, we try really hard to teach our students responsibility which means we will not erase it off their record until we feel that they have done enough searching (at home, school, Cardinal place etc.).