• Willmar Public Schools District Achievement & Integration
    Wilmar has a total enrollment of 4,070 students: 2,085 are white and 1,985 are in one of the four protected racial/ethnic classes. Within the protected class, 1,750 are eligible for Free or Reduced Price (FRP) Meals which equals 88.1% of our protected class students.
    2014 - 2015 WPS Enrollment Distribution 
    White Protected Class Total
     235 1,694
     FRP 626 1,750 2,376
     Total 2,085 1,985 4,070
    The proportion of students who qualify for FRP in the Willmar school district is 58.3%. 73.6% of the students in the FRP category are also students from the protected class. 
    If WPS focuses on the FRP student population we would accomplish our goal of closing the achievement gap. Focusing on the FRP student population, we are helping 88.1% of our protected class students as well as supporting the 2,376 students who qualify for FRP. In the area of math, the achievement gap is much more profound than in the area of reading. Therefore, it is important to focus on math in grades Pre-K through 8.