• Gifted and Talented

    Willmar Public Schools utilizes a combination of assessments in order to consider eligibility for Gifted and Talented programming at the elementary level.

    Assessments Used to Determine Eligibility

    2nd Grade Nagliari
    3rd Grade Nagliari, MCAP & Maze
    4th Grade Nagliari, MCA Math, MCA Reading, MCAP & Maze
    5th Grade Nagliari, MCA Math, MCA Reading, MCAP & Maze
    Students in 1st and 3rd grade take the Nagliari assessment in the spring to determine eligibility for the next school year. The students' Nagliari score is used to determine eligibility for two years.  annual FAST, MCA, MCAP and Maze data is also used in conjunction with the Nagliari to calculate a weighted overall score.  After the weighted scores are tabulated, a cut score is determined.
    The Nagliari is a non-verbal assessment used to measure general ability in children.  The test involved reasoning by analogy, pattern completion, serial reasoning, and spatial visualization.  The Minnesota Comprehensive Assessment (MCA) is taken by all students in the areas of math and reading.  The reading MCA is administered in grades 3-8 and 10.  The math MCA is taken in grades 3-8 and 11.
    Eligibility at the Middle and High School is not based on test scores rather student interest, teacher recommendation, and completion of prerequisite courses. 


    At the elementary level, students who are eligible for Gifted and Talented programming receive two, 45-60 minute blocks of service each week. The Gifted and Talented programming focuses on project-based learning that challenges students to collaborate, evaluate, analyze and apply learning in new ways. 
    At the Middle and High School Gifted and Talented programming is offered through before and after-school clubs and activities, AP courses, theater, specialty courses and conferences. 
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