• Willmar Public Schools Wellness Committee
    Please consider joining the Wellness Committee!  We have meetings the first or second Monday of each month after school.  They are located at the Willmar Middle School Multipurpose Room and begin at 3:30pm.  Please contact Alison Scheffler, Wellness Coordinator, with questions or suggestions for the committee.  She can be contacted via email at schefflera@willmar.k12.mn.us.

    2017-18 Wellness Incentive

    The incentive this year will be $250 in a staff member's VEBA/HSA account if the following two requirements are completed:

    1. Participate in TWO activities from the Wellness Committee this year.  We will be offering six activities this year.  

    2. Participate in Biometrics this year.  This will be the same process as previous years, where you can participate in our screening or get the information from your doctor and fill out a form we will provide.

    Note: There will be no added incentives this year (i.e. T-shirts, To Your Health shakes, water bottles, etc.)

    2017-18 Wellness Activities
    Orange Frog: Dates - Nov. 27-Dec. 17 (21 days as it takes 21 days to create a habit!)
    Details - Pick ONE of the following choices to committ to for these 21 consecutive days.  It's even better if you do this with a buddy to hold each other accountable.  
    3 Gratitudes - Write down 3 different things you're grateful for every day for 21 days.
    The Doubler - Journal about one positive experience every day for 2-3 minutes for 21 days.
    The Fun Fifteen - 15 minutes at minimum of exercise each day for 21 days.
    Meditation - 3-4 minutes to start with (add more time throughout the 21 days); find quiet time to do this and reset your brain.  
    Conscious Acts of Kindness - Do something for someone else just because for 21 days.
    Build a positive and healthy mindset into the new year!
    Water Challenge: Dates - Dec.4-Dec. 22
    Details - The challenge is to place 5 rubberbands around a 20oz. water bottle daily and remove a rubberband each time you re-fill your bottle. Goal: 100oz. per day!  Drinking water helps maximize physical performance, has a major effect on energy levels and brain function, may help to prevent and treat headaches, can help with weight loss and so on.
    *We Are Willmar Staff Challenge: Dates - Jan. 7-Feb. 3
    Details - This is a 4 week challenge.  Document the number of minutes you are active each week (walking, running, lifting weights, doing yoga, etc.) outside of your work hours.  The goal is to be active 40 minutes each day, 4 days a week for 160 minutes a week.  
    Financial Presentation by Jerrid Sebesta: Date - January 22 at 4:15pm, Location TBD
    *"Trek to the Tropics" sponsered by Rice Memorial Hospital and ReYou: Dates - Jan. 22-March 18
    Details - Rice Memorial Hospital is putting on a challenge for community members to stay active for 8 weeks and reach a community goal of 38,402 miles.  There are weekly mile goals they have set up on their site (see below).  They are also giving away a $4,000 travel voucher to a grand prize winner (to enter to win you need to meet the weekly mile goals they have in place).  This is an opportunity you can document as a participation activity for our incentive as well!  You will have to submit your miles on a google form sent out to staff as is done with the other challenges AND sign up with the actual program.  Here are websites for additional information about the challenge: https://www.ricehospital.com/blog/2017/11/13/welcome-trek-tropics/https://www.ricehospital.com/news-events/blog-news/trek-to-tropics/
    Eat Your Greens Challenge (March 5-March 23): Dates - March 5-March 23
    Details - Keep track of your vegetable intake each day.  The recommended amount is 3-5 servings according to the food pyramid.  It is your goal to keep within this serving size each day throughout the challenge.