Willmar Public Schools Wellness Committee

  • Please consider joining the Willmar Wellness Committee! We have meetings on the first or second Tuesday of each month after school. They are located at the Willmar Middle School Multipurpose Room and begin at 3:30 pm. Please contact Alison Scheffler, Wellness Coordinator, with questions or suggestions for the committee. 

    2021-22 Wellness Incentive

    The incentive this year will be $500 in a staff member's VEBA/HSA account, for those in the SWWC health insurance pool, if the following requirements are completed:

    Participate in THREE activities from the Wellness Committee this year.   

    *Communication for Wellness related information will only come out through Cardinal Essentials (Newsletter, Activities information, etc.). Make sure you check Cardinal Essentials each week for updates.


2021-22 Wellness Activities