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    Post Prom Information
    Students  interested in riding the
    Mechanical Bull  must return
    signed waiver by this Thursday
    Tickets  ARE on sale - through May 1. We need coverage the following week:
    April 28- May 1 from 11-1:00. So if your schedule is flexible, let me know.


       We need volunteers to work the event, bake a pan of bars, decorate. Just an hour here and
    there would be helpful. We go on Q102 this Wed to spread the word, too.

    Please contact  -  Beth Johnston
     beth_johnston7900@hotmail.com   ~  302-295-0078   ~  320-231-1703  
    post prom
    What and Why?
    Post Prom is the alcohol-free, substance-free event that keeps
    our students safe after the Prom. It is open to all prom-goers and all
    juniors and seniors whether they attend prom or not.
    11:30 - 4 at the Middle School this year.
    Post Prom costs $15 in advance and is subsidized through the generous
    donations of parents and businesses. The event is filled with
    lots of activities, entertainment and food.
    Only WHS Seniors, Juniors and guests may attend, but they do not have to
    have attended the WHS Prom to be welcomed at Post Prom. We provide a
    safe, alcohol-free event for the students, which help them avoid the
    temptation and consequences of underage drinking a this high risk time.
    Kids don’t have to stay until 4:00 am. It’s a long night and an exhausting
    week for the kids! Our goal is to provide a sale and entertaining
    environment after the Prom that does not involve alcohol or drugs.
    They are free to leave before 4 a.m. but will miss out on much of the fun
    and valuable prizes that will be raffled throughout the evening.
    Must be present to win.) If your son/daughter wants to host a
    separate party, have a breakfast after the Post Prom. The kids can go
    to your house after Post Prom, eat, talk and sleep the
    rest of Saturday away!
    Post Prom depends on volunteers to decorate and clean up as well as to
    run the activities and help with food. Interested in helping?
    Call Beth Johnston at 231-1703.
    Planning Committee Update

    Hi, Everyone.


      Q102 featured Anne Christianson and Stacey Bares this morning trying to get the word out for volunteers. Yay!  


    NEXT MEETING MONDAY APRIL 28 at the Middle School at 7:00 to complete the panels. Most of it was completed Monday and the rest should go quickly. We need to have all the decorating, clean up, volunteer, set up, game, and prize details ironed out by then. No rest for the weary!


    Tuesday we meet with Rob Baumgarner and Brian Brandt, custodian, for a walk through and discussion of expectations regarding set-up and clean up. I'll let you know the time so as many of us who can be there will be there. 


    I think we may be able to use the cooler for sodas, etc. The heat will be turned off and the fans going. Chris, Patti Tchaida will drop off bars after Grand March at the Middle School. 



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