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  • PreK:

    In preschool we continue to practice writing our names everyday.  We are working on naming letters and learning what sounds they make.  We are working on counting to 20 also.  Letting your child draw, color and write or playing games with your child are great activities to support their learning.


    Happy New Year, Kindergarten families! We welcome 2022 and hope you had a wonderful winter break. This month we will start discussing higher numbers (teens and beyond) in math. We will decompose numbers to find the smaller numbers "hidden" inside. We use rekenreks, number bonds, and lots of hands on manipulatives! In literacy we continue to work on sight words weekly - please practice these at home with your child! We will be retelling fiction stories and sharing what happens in the beginning, middle, and end. As usual, please READ READ READ at home with your child :) and reach out if we can be of any assistance!

    1st Grade:

    The first grade teachers and staff would like to say thank you to all the parents/guardians and family members that partake in your first graders achievement! Your involvement does not go unnoticed. In this new year we are busy moving onto Module 3 in math. We begin measuring objects using both standard and nonstandard measurements, comparing the length of objects, and collecting and discussing data from bar graphs. In literacy your first graders will be retelling a story using the major events (using: somebody, wanted, but, so then). Feel free to practice with any fiction story at home!

    Just a friendly reminder, now that boots season is here, please help your first grader remember their tennis shoes to wear at school/gym.

    -Happy new year!

    2nd Grade:

    Hello 2nd Grade families! We have made it to break, and our hardworking students have been learning so much! We are excited to be back with our students in January, but we hope you make memories together during break! In Literacy, we are transitioning back to Nonfiction text to look for text features and identify the topic and focus. Students have worked hard to recount Fiction stories, and we will continue to practice those skills again this year! We will also be learning how to write friendly letters to classmates, family, and friends!

    In math, we are continuing to add and subtract 2 and 3 digit numbers in Module 4. We will continue to use multiple strategies to solve these problems. Our students are continuing to work hard and show perseverance through all of their learning!

    3rd Grade: 

    January is here!

    We are very excited to head into 2022! In third grade this past month we have been learning many new skills. In math, we worked on multiplication and division using a variety of different approaches! In literacy, we have examined different text structures using both scientific and historical texts. "Chains of Caring" that were created by students can be seen hanging in the hallways for all to see!

    Wishing a happy and healthy 2022 to all of the Roosevelt community!

    4th Grade:

    It is hard to believe we have moved into a new year, it seems as if it has flown by.  With that new year we will be moving into some new learning and continuing with some we have started already.  In Literacy we have just finished up with theme and will be moving into text structure.  Math will be a continuation of geometry and all the exploration of the real world objects that come along with it.  Social studies will be a dive into the southeast and all of its resources and history.  Please remember that as winter is now here, make sure your child is coming to school with coats, gloves, hats, and boots. We do go outside for recess most days so it is important that we are dressed appropriately for the weather.  We do have a couple hours after recess and it isn't fun to be in wet clothes the rest of the day.

    5th Grade:

    The 5th graders have been very busy over the last month.  We are continuing with our D.A.R.E. program with Officer Zach.  He has been helping us learn about making good and healthy decisions.  All 5th graders are required to do a D.A.R.E Essay that shows what we have been learning.   In math we are in the middle of our Adding and Subtracting Fractions unit and will test in the middle of January.  In Social Studies we continue to look at the history of how our country was settled and how our government was created.  In Reading we are continuing to learn about Comparing and Contrasting Events and Characters and will be moving on to Explaining Relationships. 


    K-2 art students have finished their color study with projects showcasing warm and cool colors.  We will start the new year off with an artist study while continuing to work on the elements of art.


    Happy New Year!  Physical Education will continue working on basketball and volleyball units.  Please remember tennis shoes for class.


    3rd Grade: It’s time to see the learn and put together all the Planets of the SOLAR SYSTEM…The students will be testing their skills on the planets by describing unique things about them,  and they will be bringing home their planet projects to hang up!

    4th Grade: Things are Heating up and January for the 4th graders…at least they will learn how to make heat, how heat transfers and we even has some experiments with HOT COCOA and Popcorn!!

    5th Grade: The Simple things (in the Simple Machine unit) we will be describing the different simple machines and learn how to use them as well as building all of them too!


    Music class has been busy with lots of instrument playing this month! Kindergarten has been very excited to finish their movement unit and begin instruments, and we've even had some student conductors! K and 1 have been working on singing high and low and both singing and playing instruments on so and mi. 3rd grade has been learning to sight read some challenging rhythms that include ta-ka-di-mi, and ta rest. Also, the upper grades of 4th and 5th have begun playing boomwhackers with everyone contributing their own note to make a complete melody.


    ELL students will be taking the ACCESS for ELLs 2.0 assessment after winter break..  ACCESS for ELLs 2.0 is an English language proficiency assessment for grades K–12. The test is administered every year to help school districts monitor the English language development of students identified as English language learners in four sections: Listening, Reading, Speaking, and Writing. As we spend January preparing for these tests, you can support your child by encouraging them to work hard, ask questions when they need help, and do their best!


    4th & 5th grade orchestra concert will be on January 13 at 7:00 p.m. at WEAC.

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