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  • Pre K:

    Happy Spring!  We are hoping for a beautiful April.  Our study this month will be learning about signs and roads.  This is a great time to talk with your children about signs you see in our town.  Ask your child to count the number of stop signs on your way to the store, can they tell you some of the letters on yard signs, store signs, and road signs.  Point out the letters or numbers on packages.  Signs we see in the environment are some of the first words they will recognize.  I bet they all know what their favorite cereal or treat looks like!  Now just be intentional about asking them to name the letters and numbers!



    Hello Kindergarten families! We hope you had a restful and relaxing (yet fun!) spring break! This month in math we are going to start learning more about shapes and patterns. In literacy we are going to start learning some more challenging phonics patterns in words that we read and write. Please continue to have your child read their decodable paper books to you that they bring home, as those match what we are working on in our classrooms! As always, we thank you for your support!


    1st Grade:

    Happy Spring, First grade families!  This month we will continue to focus on determining the central ideas in a text and retelling a story using key details.  We will also be returning to addition and subtraction in math, focusing on comparing problems.   Please keep in mind this month, (as the weather gets warmer-yay!) that as the snow melts, we will see a greater abundance of wet, muddy shoes.  It’s always a great idea to send extra socks for after recess, and continue sending boots for outdoor recess.  As always, thank you for continuing to read at home with your child!


    2nd Grade:

    Hello 2nd grade families! We hope you had a wonderful spring break. We are getting closer to the end of the year already. It feels like the time has flown by. This month in math we will be practicing measurement using a ruler to the nearest centimeter or inch. Also, we will be going into shapes and how to describe, classify, and compare two dimensional and three dimensional shapes. In literacy we will be asking and answering questions. As well as comparing and contrasting versions of the same stories.  Lastly, we will be doing a research writing project on animals. Thank you for partnering with us in helping your child learn and grow. As always please reach out with any questions or concerns that you may have!


    3rd Grade:

    Hi 3rd Grade Families,

    I hope your year is going as great as ours! We have just finished up working on data analysis in math, where we interpret data on bar graphs, pictographs, and line plots. Last week we started geometry so don't forget to quiz your kid on polygons or quadrilaterals. The third graders are focused on the main idea and summarizing a text in literacy. They are looking good and are working extremely hard. These students will be ready for the MCAs that we will be having at the end of the month. Have a great day!


    4th Grade:

    Wow! It is crazy to think that we are at the start of the fourth term. There have been so many things happening in fourth grade. In March we had an Artist come in and teach our students how to create faces. We also had Focus House come into our classrooms and give an Anti-Bully presentation. Also, we were able to attend the Middle School Musical of Frozen Jr., which was perfect timing for our unit of study focused around drama and plays. As for April, in math we will continue learning about decimals and how they relate to fractions. While in reading we will be using Venn Diagrams to compare and contrast a variety of stories. MCA testing will happen towards the end of April. During this time, please make sure your child is well rested and encourage him/her to do the best that they can do. Lastly, although the weather is warming up, there is still plenty of snow and many puddles outside for the students to play in. Please make sure your child continues to bring winter clothes along with boots to school on a daily basis. Happy Spring!


    5th Grade:

    Spring is getting closer and 5th grade is heating up too! We have been exploring geometry for the last few weeks and will begin diving into coordinate planes as well as data analysis soon. In reading we are looking forward to exploring themes in dramas and poetry! Finally, we are gearing up for the Math, Reading, and Science MCAs coming up in April! We encourage students to continue getting a good night's rest every night as our brains really need it!



    Spring is here! Spring provides many opportunities to explore and learn about nature. As it's starting to get nicer, spend time outside with your child. Talking about different things that you notice in nature as the seasons change can be a great tool to grow your child’s vocabulary. After going outside for a while, consider drawing a picture and then writing what you see.



    2nd and 3rd grade had a wonderful Songfest Performance on March 21st!


    4th Grade is playing ukuleles and 5th is playing recorders. We are also singing to get ready for our next Song Fest!


    4th and 5th Grade Songfest is May 12th, at 2:00pm


    Kindergarten is learning how to read the rhythms Ta, Ti-Ti and Ta rest, and 1st grade is learning how to identify their emotions when listening to different kinds of music.



    Kindergarten: In kindergarten STEM we are continuing to learn about the different things animals and plants need to survive.


    1st Grade: In first grade STEM we are finishing our unit on plants and moving into how wind and water can change land.


    2nd Grade: In second grade STEM we are learning about climate and weather.


    3rd Grade: In third grade STEM we are finishing up our unit on the moon and its phases.


    4th Grade: In fourth grade STEM we are continuing our unit on magnetic forces.


    5th Grade: In fifth grade STEM we are learning about forces of motion and energy.



    In April we will start working on Field Day Events.  Throwing, Catching and Kicking.


    Field Day Dates & Times

    May 16th   K- 2nd Grade Field Day           Roosevelt Field


    Kindergarten & 1st Grade       

    9:00 to 11:00AM                        


    2nd Grade           12:30 – 2:30PM


    May 23rd  3rd Grade   

    12:30-2:30PM          Hodapp Field


    May 24th     4th Grade

    9:00-11:00AM            Hodapp Field


      5th Grade

    12:30-2:30PM            Hodapp Field


    Makeup for 1st & 2nd grade-Friday May 19th  (Same times)


    Makeup for 4th & 5th Grade - May 25 or 26th (Same times)



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