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  • Pre K:

    Happy Spring!  We are hoping for a beautiful April.  Our study this month will be learning about signs and roads.  This is a great time to talk with your children about signs you see in our town.  Ask your child to count the number of stop signs on your way to the store, can they tell you some of the letters on yard signs, store signs, and road signs.  Point out the letters or numbers on packages.  Signs we see in the environment are some of the first words they will recognize.  I bet they all know what their favorite cereal or treat looks like!  Now just be intentional about asking them to name the letters and numbers!



    Happy April everyone! It's hard to believe we are only a few months away from the end of Kindergarten. In math we have circled back to our first benchmark, learning how to read and write numbers up to 31. It is wonderful to see the progress kids have made from the beginning of the year! In reading we are hard at word blending and writing CVC words. We appreciate all the time you have been putting in at home to help your children continue to become better readers! Although spring is here and the weather is warming up, please continue to send a light jacket or sweatshirt to school for recess as it can be a little chilly in the mornings. We hope everyone has a happy spring break!


    1st Grade:

    Hello First Grade Families!

    We hope you all had a good spring break!  Thank you for all of your support at home with your first grader - we are enjoying working alongside you!  Each month is busy, and April is no exception!  The Stingers' reading program begins April 8, so please be sure to return your reading times each Monday throughout the program.  We will be learning about money this month (penny, nickel, dime) and will be able to count groups of coins up to $1.00.  Ask your child to show you what they can do!  In reading, we will be practicing how to retell stories and key details as we learn about many different types of animals.  We will also write about animals to showcase all of the writing skills we've learned this year!  Finally, we will have opportunities to practice our safety drills this month.  Please continue to keep an eye on the weather and send the appropriate clothing for recess and phy ed (tennis shoes - not sandals - are needed daily for phy ed classes).


    2nd Grade:

    Happy April! It is officially spring! In reading this month, we are learning about the Civil War. We are also practicing asking and answering questions and identifying the point of view in a text. In math, second graders are working on measuring to the nearest inch and centimeter and gathering information from graphs and charts. This month in writing we are working on writing a how to project. This month there is a family night at Roosevelt and we hope to see you there! Thank you so much for partnering with us to help your child learn and grow!


    3rd Grade:

    Hello and happy April! We are having a hard time believing we only have two months left of school, time has surely flown by! We are right in the middle of learning fractions in math and our third graders are LOVING it, learning brand new things is always fun! In literacy, we are just finishing up our Point of View unit. In the coming weeks, we will be taking the MCA Assessments in both Math and Reading, it is important that your kiddos feel ready and confident in their abilities to show us what they have learned in third grade - we will spend time preparing for it in our classrooms, but confidence boosters at home are important as well :) If you have any questions about what the tests will look like, please reach out and we'd be happy to share more! Third grade is the first time they will see the MCAs, so it is brand new to them as well.


    A reminder to continue to send the appropriate clothing for recess, April weather can change drastically! Thank you for all you do for your students and for us!


    4th Grade:

    Wow! It is crazy to think it is April already and the start of Term Four! Fourth graders have been learning about kindness and the importance of being kind to others.

    In math, we have been working hard on comparing fractions and will now move on to reading and writing decimals. In reading, we will be working on comparing and contrasting stories and information within a story.

    In March, we welcomed Brooke as an artist that comes three times a year to introduce our fourth graders to a variety of drawing techniques. This time she taught us how to create a variety of gestures and even had the students pose for others to draw them.

    Reading and Math MCA's will be taken at the end of April. We encourage students to take their time and do the best they can do on this assessment.

    Reminder: Although the weather is getting nice. There are still cold/windy/rainy days. Make sure your child has the appropriate clothing for recess and gym in the mornings.

    Thank you for all you do at home to support your child.


    5th Grade:

    The weather is getting so much warmer and it feels like Spring is finally here! In April, fifth gralearning about how trash affects our life and how to start our own business. We are looking de is looking forward to learning about analyzing data in math. In reading, we will be forward to a great month!



    It is Concert season for Music classes at Roosevelt!


    4th and 5th Grade Songfest is Friday, May 10th at 2:00pm. Please invite all friends and family to attend!


    2nd and 3rd grade had a fantastic Wild West Songfest at the beginning of March. They will now be working on playing instruments with mallets and identifying the mood of a piece of music and how it makes them feel.


    Both Songfests will be available to watch on on the Cardinal View Channel.


    Kindergarten is working on improvising different kinds of sounds with their voices and bodies, and 1st grade is composing rhythms with instruments and writing them down.



    In STEM, we are working on:


    Grade 5:  Energy and the Environment

    Grade 4:  Earth Resources

    Grade 3:  Inherited Traits

    Grade 2:  Land and Water Relationships

    Grade 1:  Growing Plants

    Grade K:  Animal and Plant Needs



    Here are ways to work on language by talking with your child:

    As you walk with your child or ride with them in a car or on a bus, talk with them about where you are going and what places you see.  As you shop in a store, talk with your child about what you are looking for and have them help you.  As you prepare dinner, ask your child to help you follow the steps in a recipe. As you fix a sink or repair a broken table, ask your child to hand you the tools that you name.   As you watch TV together, talk with your child about the programs.  These are all activities that you can do together with your child to help them work on language and expand their background knowledge.



    Please make sure your student has gym-appropriate shoes each day for physical education. No Crocs or sandals.

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