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     Mrs. Suter
     7th & 8th Grade Orchestra
     214-6071(Room 151)
     231-8404 (Voice Mail)
    Welcome to the 7th & 8th Grade Orchestra Program!  

    The goal of the 7th & 8th grade orchestra experience is to build on the skills and techniques already acquired in the first three years of playing in orchestra.  This will include refining our ability to play with good posture, intonation (playing in tune), rhythm (sense of pulse, tempo, and meter), ensemble (ability to listen to one’s self, others in one’s section, and each section of the orchestra for better balance and blend), bowings (articulation, uniformity, control), tone (quality of our sound, warmth), and musical expression (dynamics, phrasing, style, emotion).  We will also continue working on shifting to and from upper positions, various bowing techniques, knowledge of theory, and more extensive scale study.  In addition to musical benefits, playing in orchestra each day will help each student develop life-long skills in teamwork, cooperation, concentration, responsibility, self-confidence, and music appreciation.