Willmar Public Schools - ISD 347

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F 706A Acceptance of Gifts or Donations Form

F 516.1 Administration of Medications Consent Form

F 012 Application for Approval of Credits on Salary Schedule Form

F 011 Approval of Master's Program

F 076 Blood and/or Body Fluids Exposure with Translations

F 032 Compensation Time Sheet

F 023 Data Practices Denial Form

F 416 Drug and Alcohol Testing Policy And Materials Form


F 406 Employee Authorization for Release of Information Form

F 063 Finance Advisory Committee Interest Form


First Report of Injury (Worker's Comp)

F 524.E Internet Usage Agreement Employee Form 

F 524.S Internet Usage Agreement Student Form

F 025 Kindergarten Early Entrance Application Form

F 414 Maltreatment of Minors by School Personnel Reporting Form

F 516.2 Medication Occurrence/Error Report

F 506 Notice of Out of School Suspension

F 505.1 Permission to Post or Display Material Form

F 509 Open Enrollment Option 

AR & F 089 Personal iPads/Tablets: In District Use - EMPLOYEES

F 515 Public Notice Regarding Pupil Record Inspection Rights

F 030 Salary Lane Advancement

AR & F 084 Special Dietary Needs

F 529 Staff Notification Of Violent Behavior by Students Form

F 022 Student Accident Report 

F 527 Student Parking Permit Request Form

F 033 Teacher Transfer Request Form

F 020 A Temporary Leave Request (Child Care or Medical)

F 020 B Temporary Leave Request (Sick Leave, Personal Leave, Vacation, Unpaid)

F 016 Tennessen Warning - Employees

F 027 Tennessen Warning - Students

F 035 Video Permission Form

F 029 Vehicle Request Form

F 018 Willmar Public Schools Foundation Application Form

F 034 Willmar Public Schools Foundation Activity Fee Request Form

F 503.2 Within District Transfer Request

AR 503.2 District Transfer Request Application Procedures

F 017 Workshop Application 


W-4 Form

Automatic Deposit Authorization Form
Capital Facilities Project Addition