• Career Assessment Center
    The Career Assessment Center assists students and adults in setting appropriate vocational and academic goals. The Center provides vocational assessment and evaluation in a formal school or on-site work setting. The evaluation includes: interest testing, video exploration, computerized exploration, dexterity testing, achievement testing, aptitude testing, completion of work samples, independent living survey, and learning styles inventories, among other things. Students are assessed on their work skills, behaviors and attitudes. Evaluation results assist the student in determining appropriate educational goals and work experience options, as well as to establish realistic goals and a plan of action.
    Career Assessment Center
    512 8th St. SW
    Willmar, MN 56201
    Phone - (320) 214-6692
    Fax - (320) 235-5352
    Supervisor - Margret Hawley, Ext. 6508
    Program Assistant - Peggy Tjaden, Ext. 6506