Willmar Public Schools - ISD 347

Inspiring and preparing all learners for their future in our community and the world

Letter from the Superintendent

Dr. Jeff Holm
January 17, 2017

Dear Patrons,

Willmar Public School District has been working on a new strategic plan for the past year. We have now adopted a new mission statement, a new vision statement, and new core values. I would like to explain what these aspects of the plan are, and how each provides direction for the District.

Most organizations have a mission statement. Mission statements are developed to explain why the organization exists. Our newly adopted mission statement is: "Inspiring and preparing all learners for their future in our community and the world". This statement gets to our core purpose as an education system. Within the statement, the term, "learners" can be defined as not just students, but all employees, as well as parents. When adults continue to learn, students benefit.

A vision statement defines what we hope to become. Our new vision statement is:
Willmar Public School District 347 will be the District of Choice to learn and work where:
• I am inspired and valued,
• I am supported in a culture of respect, and
• I am engaged through partnerships between families, community, and district.
If we can accomplish this vision, we will certainly become an outstanding school system. Vision statements often seem very lofty, but we recognize the importance of high expectations and aspirations.

The core values of an organization drive the day-to-day words and actions of those working
within the organization. The core values adopted by the Willmar Public School Board are:
• High Expectations - Committing to excellence and achievement
• Respect - Working hard for self and being nice to others
• Perseverance - Overcoming challenges and setbacks
• Responsibility - Doing the right thing, in the right way
• Relationships - Caring and connecting with others
• Unity - Valuing our differences with shared goals and vision

These high-level parts of the District's plan will guide us in making decisions about our future.
They were developed by the Willmar Public School Board and staff. After consideration of input from the public and revisions based on that input; they were adopted at the December School Board meeting.

We will do our best to operate in a manner which reflects these statements.

Dr. Jeff Holm, Superintendent