Educational Rights and Reports

  • Compulsory Attendance for Children Under Seven

  • E-Learning Days Plan

  • Educational Rights of Homeless Children and Youths - Parent and Guardian Notice

  • Educational Rights of Homeless Children and Youths - Public Notice

  • English Learners

  • Optional Nature of Learning Year Program

  • Parent and Family Engagement Policy

  • Permitted Fees

  • Postsecondary Enrollment Opportunities

  • Procedural Safeguards for Students with Disability

  • Right to Elect Against Saying the Pledge of Allegiance

District Operations, Nutrition, and Environmental Health

  • District Financial Information

  • Lead in School Drinking Water

  • Pesticide Application

  • Radon Testing Results

  • School Wellness Policy


  • USDA Public Notification System

Student Protections

  • Bullying Prohibition Policy

  • Hazing Policy

  • Malicious and Sadistic Conduct

  • Sexual, Religious, and Racial Harassment and Violence Policy

Student Data, Privacy, and Other Rights

  • Data Designated as Directory Information

  • District Surveys to Collect Student Information; Parent Notice and Opportunity for Opting Out

  • Juvenile Justice System Request

  • Student Data Privacy Policy

  • Student Data and Activities Requiring Notification

  • Student Data Privacy and Technology Notice

Testing and Assessment

  • Information on Assessments

  • School District Annual Report Card/Minnesota Report Card

  • Standardized Test Calendar

  • State Assessment Information

  • Procedure for Opting Out of State Testing