• Child Protection Assessment.

    Child Protection Assessments are conducted in response to reports of children being abused or neglected by care givers. Family Services and Law Enforcement are required by law to cross report any child protection reports. 

    The purpose of child protective services is to help protect children from physical abuse, neglect and sexual abuse. The goal is to help families get the services needed so children do not need to continue to be abused or neglected. Kandiyohi County Family Services is involved in a pilot project regarding how we assess child protection reports. 

    The project is called Alternative Response and it gives us an opportunity to provide a different response to child protection reports. Minnesota Statute 626.556, Reporting of Maltreatment of Minors is the statute that directs child protection assessments.

    How do I Report Abuse or Neglect

    Call Kandiyohi County Family Services at 320-231-7800 or Law Enforcement (Kandiyohi County Sheriff’s Department at 320-235-1260 or Willmar Police Department at 320-214-6700) if you believe that a child is being hurt or neglected. Some people, such as doctors, teachers, and ministers, are required by law to report suspected child abuse or neglect. Other people, such as neighbors or relatives are encouraged to also report if they think a child is being abused or neglected.


    What will happen when I call

    County child abuse staff will decide if your concerns fit within the statutory definitions of abuse or neglect. If so, a child protection worker will meet with the family to assess the situation. The name of the person making the report will not be shared with the family, unless the reporter agrees or the court compels it. Child protection will work with local law enforcement and individuals who know the child, such as doctors or teachers if necessary.

    If protective services are needed, child protection will help the family use services such as counseling or parent education. The purpose of child protection is to prevent any future abuse or neglect. If a child is not safe at home, placement of the child outside the home will be considered. The child's placement could be done on a voluntary basis, with the parent's approval or at the direction of the court, or if it is an emergency, at the direction of law enforcement. 

    From the Kandiyohi County Family Services Child Protection Website. 

    Corinne Torkelson
    Child Protection Supervisor
    phone:  320-231-7800 ext 7837