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FOCUS Transition Program is designed to assist students in gaining the skills necessary to live semi-independently or independently in the community. Students at FOCUS have a wide variety of opportunities to engage in hands-on learning in a real-life setting designed to assist them in transferring those skills independently to the world in which they live.  

Students participate in a variety of work experience rotations in the community that can reflect the student’s specific area of interest.  Students work in a supportive environment with access to a job coach, guided by program instructors, to develop and strengthen job readiness and job specific skills, in order to prepare them for meaningful employment as adults.  Students also develop the social skills needed to be successful on the job, such as how to talk to an employer about scheduling needs, what to do when you are sick and and how to problem solve job related issues.

On site at FOCUS students learn skills needed to live independently or semi-independently in a home and community.  Students have opportunities to develop a food budget, plan a weekly menu, grocery shop and make the meals on the menu.  Students are taught through hands-on experience about healthy foods, nutrition, safe food handling, how to use typical kitchen tools and how to maintain a clean kitchen environment.  In the home setting students learn how to do simple tasks around the home which includes regular cleaning duties, laundry and basic home maintenance.

Community volunteering opportunities and utilizing community resources are important aspects of the program. Recreation is incorporated in a variety of ways and students learn to access community health organizations such as the local fitness facilities. Students who attend the program have opportunities to have a well rounded experience that prepares them for successful transition into adult living.

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Focus House

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