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Lane Changes


Willmar Public Schools encourages teaching staff to continue their professional development through education. By completing pre-approved educational coursework, a teacher may advance horizontally on the teacher salary schedule. Doing so rewards teachers with an increase in their salary. Teachers must follow the criteria outlined in the Teacher's Master Agreement in order to be considered for a lane change. The following information is a summary of the Master Agreement and includes the appropriate steps to complete in order to meet the requirements for a lane change.  

Pre-Approval Requirements

Teachers must have their program and/or coursework approved prior to taking the program or course. Teachers must log into their Frontline Central account to complete the appropriate Pre-Approval Request Forms.

  • Masters Degree Program Approval
    • This form is required to be approved prior to starting a Master's Degree Program. Note* Upon completion of an approved Masters Degree Program, the teacher must submit an official transcript.
  • Pre-Approval for Credits on Salary Schedule
    • This form is required to be approved prior to starting any coursework that a teacher would like to use as credits toward a lane change.


Salary Schedule Lane Change

  • Credits must be germane to the teaching assignment or approved program.
  • Pre-approval of credits is required.  
  • All credits must carry an average grade dquivalent of B or higher.
  • All credits beyond the Masters lane must be taken after the Masters Degree Program has been completed and the Degree awarded.
  • Teacher's letter of assignment will be changed twice per year only.  Transcripts must be supplied in order to process changes.
    • Credits or verification submitted by January 15th are non-retroactive.
    • Credits or verification submitted and verifed by November 1 will be paid retroactively to the course completion date or the beginning of the school year, whichever is later.  
    • Credits or verification submitted after November 1 will not be considered until the following January 15.  
    • Credits or verification submitted after January 15 will not be considered until the following November 1.  
    • Credits or verification must be submitted to the HR department in the District office by November 1 and/or January 15 each year.  

To request a salary lane advancement, log into your Frontline Central Account and submit a 'Request for Salary Lane Advancement'. Note* A transcript is requeste to be uploaded in the request or submitted to the HR Deptment at the District Office.