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Willmar Public Schools offers all employees the opportunity to save for retirement by participating in the Willmar Public School's 403(b) Plan. Your contributions are made pre-tax through payroll deductions. Some bargaining groups also have a matching contribution. Please refer to your master agreement or the employee handbook for contribution amounts. The information below is educational and is also intended to help with the enrollment process. You may enroll at any time, but requesting any associated matching funds must be done according to the terms of your master agreement. 

How much can I contribute?

In general, you may contribute up to $20,500 in 2022. This amount may be adjusted annually. If you are least 50 years old and/or you have completed at least 15 years of service, you may also be able to make additional catch-up contributions. Each catch-up has its own limits. Please work with your individual agent if this is an option you would like to pursue. 


403b Matching Contribution

For many of our employee groups there is a matching contribution plan paid by the district once an employee has met the requirements.  Please refer to your master agreement or employee handbook for details specific to your group or position.  The matching contribution may only be deposited into a traditional 403b.  An employee may select a Roth 403b for their contribution and, if eligible, their matching contribution will be placed into a traditional 403b.  An employee MUST fill out the salary reduction agreement for a traditional 403b to take advantage of any matching contribution.  
For example: 
  • Employee A is eligible for a matching contribution and wants a Roth 403b.  Employee A must complete a Roth 403b salary reduction agreement and a traditional 403b salary reduction agreement.  
  • Employee B wants a Roth 403b and is not eligible for a matching contribution. Employee B must complete a traditional 403b salary reduction agreement.
  • Employee C is eligible for a matching contribution and prefers a traditional 403b.  Employee C must complete a traditional 4-3b salary reduction agreement. 

How to Enroll

  1. Select an investment provider.  Refer to the list of Providers below.  We encourage you to contact them to inquire about their services before making a decision on which provider/representative to work with.  
  2. Complete a new Salary Reduction Agreement for the type of 403b you are requesting.  Return to Connie Jensen in Benefits
    1. Traditional 403b Salary Reduction Agreement  
    2. Roth 403b Salary Reduction Agreement 
  3. Complete the investment provider specific enrollment material.  This will come from your provider to your home address.  

Note: If you have a current investment provider outside of the District's providers, you may have them contact the District provider/representative of your choice.  

Tools and Resources


Investment Providers