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Special Diet Information


Elementary Serving
If your child requires special diet considerations or needs lactose-free milk, please review the following information:
  • Review the Special Dietary Needs Policy for a full understanding of required documentation of parents/guardians and accomodations that school district can make.
  • Complete the Special Diet Medical Statements with any new special diet needs and need to be updated whenever the participant's diagnosis or special diet changes. Special diet statements do not need to be renewed each year as long as there are no changes.
  • Turn in special diet request forms to your School Nurse or the Assistant Director in the Food and Nutrition Services Department.

Lactose Intolerance

Per Minnesota State Law, Lactose Reduced Milk will be provided by Food and Nutrition Services upon written request of parents/guardians per the District's Special Dietary Needs Policy.

Allergen and Food Safety

Our schools are not allergy-free, but we are allergy-aware. Our food and nutrition staff are trained on handling food allergies safely in order to prevent any cross contamination. Please note that posted menus may contain one or more of the following ingredients:  milk, eggs, soy, wheat, peanuts, tree nuts, or sunflower.

Food and Nutrition Services Assistant Director