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Audit Reports

In accordance with state law, Willmar Public Schools has an independent audit performed each year. The district has contracted with the independent auditing firm of Conway, Deuth & Schmiesing, PLLP to complete the audit. The District has received an unqualified audit opinion.

Current Audit information and historical audit information is available to download:

2009-10 Audit Report
2009-10 Management Letter
2009-10 Audit Presentation

2008-09 Audit Report
2008-09 Management Letter
2008-09 Audit Presentation

2007-08 Audit Report
2007-08 Management Letter
2007-08 Audit Presentation

2006-2007 Audit Report
2006-2007 Audit Presentation

2005-2006 Audit Report
2005-2006 Audit Presentation (Summary)
2005-2006 Short Written Summary

2004-2005 Audit Report
2004-2005 Audit Presentation (Summary)
2004-2005 Audit Compliance Historical Chart

2003-2004 Audit Report
2002-2003 Audit Report
2001-2002 Audit Report