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Anti-bullying and safe and supportive schools

Willmar Public Schools is committed to creating an inclusive and positive climate in all of our schools, where all students feel comfortable, safe and ready to learn.

The problem of bullying can be effectively controlled, but it takes the combined efforts of administration and staff, students, and parents/guardians. Proper education, prompt reporting, and effective interventions make all the difference.

The procedures to prevent and address bullying behaviors in Willmar Public Schools are found in district Policy 514 and are in support of the Safe and Supportive Schools Act legislation that prohibits bullying in all Minnesota schools. Behavior that occurs at school, on buses, or at school events are covered by the law. Electronic behavior that occurs on or off school premises but substantially and materially disrupts education and learning in the school can also be disciplined, according to this law.

Definition of bullying

Bullying by definition has four key components:

  • Bullying is intimidating, threatening, abusive or hurtful conduct.
  • It is objectively offensive.
  • The conduct involves an imbalance of power and is repeated.
  • The conduct materially and substantially interferes with a student’s education or ability to participate in school activities.

This definition creates two distinct categories of bullying:

  • Bad behavior that involves an imbalance of power and pattern.
  • Bad behavior that significantly affects a student’s ability to participate in school, classes, or events.

When bullying happens

All staff members in Willmar Public Schools must make a reasonable effort to address bullying when they see it or know about it. Investigations into reported bullying will commence within three days of the receipt of the report. Parents/guardians of the victims and alleged bully will be contacted with information from the investigation.