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Teachers WPS Summer Updates Document with Video - 

WPS Custom Documents:

Links to Infinite Campus Instruction Documentation and Videos:
Control Center - Main screen when first accessing Campus Instruction

 Account Settings - Set your Campus instruction settings/preferences

Attendance - Taking attendance various ways

Seating Charts - Create and Print a seating chart for your rostered students

RostersAccessing and viewing the students on your roster

Grade Book - Grade book tools (less assignments, see below)

Assignments - Various elements of assignments in Campus

Scores/Scoring - entering scores into an assignment after they have been created and how to copy from other sections a student was in

Posting Grades - various avenues to posting grades for the students on your roster

Student Groups - have a need to put students into specific groups, group and utilize these groups in various areas of instruction

Planner - like to see your assignments in a calendar view and to drag and drop as needed to new dates, also see your schedule and other teachers within your bldg

Advisory - view your rostered students number of missing assignments, late, or non-passing grades to target areas of improvement

Commenting - comments can be entered in various areas of campus instruction, veiw where to enter them and then where they display

Messenger/Messaging - need to email your parents or students, messenger is a tool for that linked to your roster

Reports (Canned and Custom) - need a report, check these out

Google Drive - currently not used by any teachers but feel free to give it a try if you want to link google drive items to assignments in Campus

Other WPS Documents