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  • The Cost

    Less than a Friday night pizza dinner

    If both questions are approved, it would have a tax impact of about $23/month for the average $225,000 home.


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    Tax Impact Chart

    Does farm property receive some tax relief?

    Yes, in 2017, the Minnesota Legislature approved a 40 percent tax credit for farmland school bond taxes. In 2019, the legislature approved higher tax credits to be phased in over time. In 2022, the credit was 60 percent; it became 70 percent in 2023 and will remain at 70 percent. Farm families pay school operating levies on 1 acre of property that includes the house and garage.


    How does Willmar compare to our neighbors?

    Willmar School District is among the lowest of all tax rates within neighboring schools. Even with the proposed referendums passing, the school tax bill would remain in the lower half of neighboring schools. And Willmar’s $45 per pupil operating levy is hundreds of dollars less than the state average of $874 per pupil. Willmar proposes a total operating levy of $750 per pupil, less than the state average.