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  • The Need



    The Willmar School District approved a $2 million budget reduction for 2024. If we do not increase our revenue, additional cuts will need to be made to maintain a balanced budget. The district has balanced its budget by accessing its general fund reserves, which is like a savings account. This practice is not sustainable and without changes, the general fund reserves are expected to be reduced to zero in a few short years. A list of positions and programs that were eliminated is below.


    The Middle School is in need of physical education space. Its current gymnasium space of 8,575 square feet is well below the Minnesota Department of Education’s requirements of 12,000-14,000 square feet of physical education space in new buildings. We would love to show you a photo of the need but it’s impossible - the space isn’t there to show, and it is unsafe to put all of our students that need the gym for physical education in the space at the same time. The bottom line is that students simply do not receive the kind of physical education that they deserve due to scheduling challenges.

    Facilities alternative solutions

    School administrators and the school board have been debating the best approach, and working with community members, for years on this issue. The middle school pool is underutilized, and an option was to fill it in and use it for gym space. It wouldn’t be ideal. The roof is too low for some uses, such as basketball and volleyball and community members would like to continue to access the pool. 

    2023-2024 Budget Reductions

    • 7.0 Classroom Teachers
    • 2.0 Allied Teachers
    • 1.0 EL Teacher
    • 1.0 Library General Paraprofessional
    • 1.0 Bilingual Paraprofessional
    • 1.0 Playground Supervisor
    • 2.0 Crossing Guards
    • 4.0 Special Education Paraprofessionals
    • 2.0 ELA Teachers
    • 1.0 Social Studies Teacher
    • 1.0 EL Teacher
    • 1.0 Math Teacher
    • 1.0 Science Teacher
    • 1.0 MS ALC Teacher
    • 0.7 Admin Assistant
    • 1.0 Library General Paraprofessional
    • 1.0 Lower Level Athletics Coach
    • Buildings and Grounds (Shift Repairs to LTFM)
    • 1.0 Technology Support
    • 1.0 District Office Support