• Election Information

    How Do I Vote Early and/or Vote from Home (Absentee Ballot)?
    District residents may vote early through absentee ballot starting Friday, September 22, 2023, through Monday, November 6, 2023.

    Step 1: Request an absentee ballot application to vote early or vote from home in one (1) of three (3) ways:

    1) Phone: 320-231-8512
    2) Email: Cindy Terrones, Election Clerk, terronesc@willmar.k12.mn.us
    3) In-Person: Willmar District Office
         611 5th St SW
         Willmar, MN 56201

    Step 2: Return your absentee ballot application in one of four ways:

    1)   Return a hard copy of your absentee ballot application in person to the District Office during school hours at:
          In-Person: Willmar District Office
          611 5th St SW
          Willmar, MN 56201
    2)   Return a hard copy of your absentee ballot application by mail to: 
          Willmar School District #347
           611 5th St SW
           Willmar, MN 56201
    3)   Fax your application to 320-231-8504
    4)   Email a scanned copy of your absentee ballot application to Cindy Terrones, Election Clerk, terronesc@willmar.k12.mn.us

    Step 3: Once your absentee ballot application has been completed and submitted to the District Office, you will be handed or mailed an absentee ballot.

    Step 4: 
    Your absentee ballot can be completed and submitted in the District Office (or) returned in-person to the Willmar district office by 3:00 p.m. on November 7, 2023 (or) sent through postal mail and received no later than 8:00 p.m. on November 7, 2023 (Election Day).

    How Do I Vote Early In-Person?  

    Early in-person voting starts September 22, 2023, through November 6, 2023, in the District Office during our school hours 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.  During early in-person voting before Oct. 31, you can complete your absentee ballot application and ballot at the same time in the Willmar District Office.  You will seal your absentee ballot into an envelope to be processed and tabulated. Click Here for the Special Election Voting Hours

    How Do I Vote on Election Day?
    Election Day is November 7, 2023. There will be one combined polling place for this special election that will be open from 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.

    Willmar Education and Arts Center
    (Rehearsal Hall)
    611 5th St SW
    Willmar, MN 56201
    This combined polling place serves all territory in Independent School District No. 347.

    How Do I Register to Vote?
    You can register to vote online before November 7 through the Minnesota Secretary of State website to save time on Election Day. If you forget to register before Election Day, Minnesota allows same-day voter registration.

    Who’s Eligible to Vote in the 2023 Referendum Special Election?
    Generally speaking, anyone who is 18 years old by Election Day, is a U.S. citizen, has been a resident of Minnesota for at least 20 days, and resides within the Willmar School District 347 attendance area is eligible to vote on the November 7 Election Day referendum.

    How Do I Register to Vote on Election Day at the Polls?
    Voters registering on Election Day will need proof of identity and residence, which may include:

    •       Minnesota Driver’s License, Learner’s Permit, or Identification card showing a current address (or yellow receipt for any of these).
    •       Valid, previous registration from the same precinct.
    •       “Notice of Ineffective or Late Registration” from the Public Service office.
    •       A registered voter from your precinct who personally knows you reside in the precinct and will vouch for your identity.
    •       A photo ID and a current utility bill showing your name and address in the precinct.

    Ballot Questions

    Question 1: The school board of Independent School District No. 347 (Willmar Public Schools) has proposed to increase its general education revenue by $704.90 per pupil.  The proposed referendum revenue authorization would be applicable for ten years, beginning with taxes payable in 2024, unless otherwise revoked or reduced as provided by law.

    Shall the increase in the revenue proposed by the school board of Independent School District No. 347 be approved?

    Question 2: If School District Question 1 is approved, shall the school board of Independent School District No. 347 (Willmar Public Schools) also be authorized to issue its general obligation school building bonds in an amount not to exceed $6,105,000 to provide funds for the acquisition and betterment of school sites and facilities, including the construction of a gymnasium addition at the Middle School site?

    Example Ballot