• Willmar Task Force Meeting 2 Feedback

    The community-based task force met in-person on the evening of Tuesday, February 28 to continue looking into the current challenges facing Willmar Public Schools and work toward solutions. Following a review of the situation and participant roles, Superintendent Holm provided an overview of the district’s realities and assumptions. The Task Force then broke into small groups to name priorities they felt were important. At the conclusion of the meeting, Task Force participants were asked to provide feedback in a brief survey regarding how they felt the meeting went and any follow-up questions they had, given the information provided. The results are provided below.


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    The goal of our third meeting is to "inform" you of the options that administrators develop to solve the current budget issues. What additional information would be helpful to you in our 3rd meeting?


    A sampling of responses (edited for length and clarity):

    • A budget statement showing percentage allocations to different items/departments; a comparison of staffing numbers and wages compared to other districts.

    • It would be helpful to know how/whether this task force was influential in the decision making of the necessary budget cuts.   

    • Rationale from the administration related to the options they present and the outcome that it would create, especially if it is tied to one of the five priorities that came out of meeting number 2.

    • Addressing how the options will impact students and teachers.  


    A sampling of responses (edited for length and clarity):

    • Open enrollment losses have greatly impacted our budget yet we are talking about needing to increase class sizes and perhaps cut programs.  I worry how those choices will impact open enrollment numbers (I open enroll my children TO Willmar - I love this district!).

    • I think it’s most important that we place value on the students that are in our classrooms.  How are they impacted by the budget cuts?  We always have to keep students FIRST!  

    • I do believe that you are being tasked with presenting challenging information to employees and the public.  As expected this has impacted morale and it’s been hard to watch this occur when teachers are already overwhelmed by the tasks of teaching students with more needs than previously and now wondering if they will have a job.  

    • I believe that stakeholders need to be heard rather than just informed.   

    • Thank you for including the community in the decisions. The meetings are well organized and run. 


    • What measures have been suggested in the past for cuts that were not implemented at that time that we could possibly look at for now?

    • Is there an opportunity to send our buses to other districts to pick up open enrollees?