• Willmar Task Force Meeting 1 Feedback

    The community-based task force met in-person on the evening of Tuesday, February 7 for an introduction of the current challenges facing Willmar Public Schools. Superintendent Holm and Assistant Superintendent Adams provided a review of participant roles and an overview of Willmar Public Schools’ current situation. Task Force participants were asked in a brief survey following the presentation to provide feedback and any follow-up questions, given the information provided. Below is a summary of the feedback provided by participants.

    What did you learn from the presentation that surprised you? (Sample responses edited for length and clarity)

    • Level at which state is not keeping up with inflation.

    • How quickly the fund balance is dropping

    • That serious cuts are going to be made and I probably won’t like them.

    • How many students have chosen to open enroll in other schools

    • The lack of federally provided funds for special education

    • How much the WPS general fund needs to subsidize costs beyond current funding

    • I appreciated how the cross subsidies were explained along with our district’s moral imperatives to support all of our learners.

    To address the district's budget issues, should the district:

    • Make budget reductions. (3)

    • Ask the voters to increase property taxes to increase revenues. (3)

    • Some combination of the two. (17)

    • Not sure yet (1)

    Sample Questions/Comments (edited for length and clarity)

    • Willmar has a lot to offer. I don’t quite understand why families go to other Districts

    • What are the administration's thoughts on how to succeed?

    • High School is expensive. What’s mandatory and the cost per department?  Do we agree on low elementary numbers per classroom?

    • Besides Special Education Services and English Learner Services, are there other areas of increased spending since 2021?

    • What are the areas where reductions are more easily attainable?

    • I’m interested in knowing the dollars created by various levels of property tax increases.

    • Are there any positions that were added with COVIDthat are no longer needed?