• Community Task Force 2023

    Welcome to the Willmar Public Schools Community Task Force Page. This page will be a resource to update the Willmar community about the state of the district, its financial health, and task force meeting resources.

    We are hosting three meetings in April/May with a group of community members from across multiple stakeholder groups to seek their advice to help shape the school board’s response to the district’s financial challenges.

    Community Task Force Meeting #1 Presentation, Summary Report, and Feedback
    February 7, 2023 


    Community Task Force Meeting #2 Presentation, Summary Report, and Feedback
    February 28, 2023 


    Community Task Force Meeting #3 Presentation, Summary Report
    April 6, 2023


    2023 Task Force Members

    • Bill Adams, Assistant Superintendent

    • Fernando Alvarado, Politician

    • Kami Anez, Parent

    • Seyward Ask, Community Leader/Clergy

    • Gretchen Baumgarn, Principal

    • Julianna Bergh, High School History Teacher

    • Lisa Christianson, Library/General Paras

    • Jon Dahl, Clergy/Parent

    • Brandon Escalon-Valldares, Student grade 10

    • Amy Freidrichs, 5th Grade Teacher

    • Jenny Groen, Parent

    • Kathryn Haase, Finance Director

    • Elizabeth Hoffman, Student Grade 11

    • Bob Hogan, Foundation Member

    • Jeff Holm, Superintendent

    • Christine Hunt, SPED Paraprofessional

    • Leila Ismail, Parent

    • Christina Madsen, Secretaries

    • Marcus Jonikka, Parent

    • Melissa Knott, Business/Parent

    • Naomi Mahler, Clergy

    • Jonikka Marcus, Parent

    • Dayling Munoz, Parent

    • Wayne Nelson, Retiree/Heritage Bank

    • Troy Pederson, Parent/Business

    • Mick Quinn, Parent/Business

    • Katie Schieck, Instructional Coach

    • Paul Schmitz, Principal

    • Joanna Schrupp, Business

    • Carl Schuldes, Retired Staff/City Council

    • Nate Streed, Community Leader

    • Mary Swatzky, Retired Educator

    • Carrie Thomas, Director of Teaching and Learning

    • Liz Vanderbill, Former Board

    • Michelle Vazquez, Liaisons

    • Laura Warne, Former Board/Business

    • Dion Warne, Former Board/Business

    • Laura Weatherby, Parent

    • Fatumo Yussuf, Parent

    • Brandon Zumwalt, Attorney/Parent