• Program Overview

    Founded: 2000

    Conference: Central Lakes Conference (CLC), 2000-present

    Section:  Section 2A, 2003?-2014

          Section 6A, 2015-2020

          Section 6AA, 2021-2022

          Section 8AA, 2023-present


    Section 2A Champions & State Tournament Participants; 2008

    Section 6A Champions & State Tournament Participants; 2016

    Section 6AA Champions & State Tournament 4th place; 2021

    CLC Champions; 2017 & 2021


    Team Trivia and Traditions

    From 2011 until 2015, 7th and 8th grade students also participated at the high school level; a Middle School soccer program for grades 6-8 was re-established in 2016.

    Each year since 2019, varsity hopefuls and WHS Soccer alums have contested the annual Alumni Scrimmage during the first weeks of the season. 

    Since 2014 there has been an annual team bonding tradition of travelling to watch a Minnesota United FC home match. 

  • Head Coaches

    Joel Silva (2000-2002)

    Overall Record: 12-31-2  (2-3 in playoffs)

    Richard Courtney (2003-2009)

    Overall Record: 68-59-10  (10-7 in playoffs)

    Jeff Winter (2010-Present)

    Overall Record: 173-66-20  (24-15 in playoffs)

  • Milestones

    The program’s 500th goal was scored by Eloy Zavala in a 7-2 loss at Apollo on 9/11/12. 

    The program’s 1000th goal was scored by Liban Mohamed in a 5-2 loss at Tech on 9/1/20.


    The program's total record has been above 0.500 since a 2-0 win at Fergus Falls on 9/15/11.

    The program’s total goal differential has been positive since a 2-1 win at Tech on 10/1/13.