Reasonable Accommodation Overview

  • Who is Protected by the ADA?

  • What is considered a disability?

  • What is a “Major Life Activity?”

  • Who is a “Qualified Individual with a Disability?”

  • What is a reasonable accommodation?

  • When is an employer required to make a reasonable accommodation?

  • What are the limitations on the obligation to make a reasonable accommodation?

  • Can an employer consider health and safety when deciding to retain an employee with a disability?

  • Are employees who are alcoholic or currently illegally using drugs covered by the ADA?

  • Must an employee provide the accommodation requested by an employee?

  • How to Request an Accommodation

    1. Log into your Frontline Central Account 
    2. Click on the heading 'Forms I can Start'
    3. Go to Accommodations Request
    4. Click the button on the right to 'Start This Form'


    Once you have submitted the request form a member of the HR Team will contact you to discuss your request. Please make sure to provide the necessary documentation. You will be able to view your request, documentation, and approved accommodation upon completion of this process.

    Accommodation - Medical Questionnaire