• Language Instructional Education Plan (LIEP)  for Distance Learning

    March 30 through at least May 4, 2020


    Goal: English Language Development (ELD)

    What will EL teachers do?

    Contact: Director of Teaching and Learning (EL Coordinator


    Students will receive ELD assignments through a district mailing with listed daily activities. Students will be contacted weekly by an EL teacher via phone, email, or Google classroom.  

    EL Level 1 Newcomers- Students will be provided alternative academic tasks that are appropriate for beginning proficiency levels based on specific themes (ex., transportation, around the house). These activities cover all four domains (Reading, Writing, Listening, and Speaking) and are given in L1 and L2.

    EL Level 1 Beginners to Level 3.5 - Students will be provided EL lessons and videos scaffolding grade-level literacy lessons.  They will also receive designated ELD instruction as appropriate.

    EL Level 3.5 to 4.5 - EL teachers will support core subjects with various grade level teachers.  Support for students will be provided based on the modification of assignments with the content teachers. 

    All videos created for ELD will be accessible to all EL students.

    Middle School

    ELD students will receive instruction in their ELD classes via Schoology. A folder containing recorded lessons and assignments will be published in schoology for each of the students' courses.  Students will continue to receive instruction from the following programs: Inside, Read 180, System 44, Connect, and teacher-made materials.

    ELD Courses by Level:

    Level 1: Reading, Writing, Speaking & Listening, Math, Geography

    Level 1+:  Reading, Writing, Speaking & Listening, Math, Geography

    Level 2: Reading & Writing, System 44, Speaking & Listening

    Level 3: Reading

    Level 4/5: Reading

    High School

    Sheltered Instruction: Students will receive instruction from EL teachers based on their English proficiency levels.

    -       1.0-1.9: EL Science 1, Entering Communications, EL Cultures 1, EL Math OR mainstream math with multilingual support

    -       2.0-2.9: EL Science 2 / EL Cultures 2, Emerging Communications, EL Math OR mainstream math with multilingual support 

    -       3.0-3.9: Advanced EL

    Co-Teaching: EL teachers will co-teach with content teachers in the areas of communications, social studies, and science.

    Area Learning Center (ALC)

    Content course support: Students will receive 1:1 instruction and support from the EL teacher as they access and work through their course content online or on paper. The EL teacher will advocate for EL students and assist them in making connections with their content teachers.

    Prairie Lake Education Center (PLEC)

    Level 1-2 EL students will receive 1:1 instruction in reading, writing, speaking, and listening through Google Hangout during their communication classes. They will also be enrolled in Acellus classes at their level in language, math, and science. The EL teacher will monitor their progress on Acellus and address problems through Acellus messaging, phone calls, or Google Hangout.  The EL teacher will connect with level 3-4 EL students by joining the Google Hangout for their classes and answering questions and offering support to the student and content teacher as needed.

    Goal: Mainstream EL Support

    What will content teachers do?

    Contact: Building Principals

    EL Teachers will collaborate with and support content teachers in differentiating and scaffolding materials.

    Instructional coaches will work with mainstream teachers to implement best practices and EL supports.

    Paraprofessionals and liaisons will be available to contact families weekly and be available for students to meet virtually with and act as tutors daily.

    Goal: Communicating with Multilingual/Multicultural Families

    Contact: Supplemental Programs Coordinator/Director of Teaching & Learning (EL Coordinator)

    District-wide information will be delivered to families via Campus Messenger in languages families understand. 

     Cultural liaisons and paraprofessionals will be available to contact families weekly and be available for students to meet virtually with and act as tutors daily.

     Teachers will contact families throughout the duration of distance learning about student concerns.

     EL paraprofessionals and cultural liaisons will be available for parents to connect with via phone, email, and Google Hangouts

     The Remind platform is a private mobile messaging platform used by our district that helps teachers, parents, students, and administrators in K–12 to communicate. Every message on Remind can be translated into over 85 languages before it's sent. The Remind app is also currently available in six languages: Spanish, French, German, Portuguese (Brazilian), Chinese (Simplified), and English. If a parent’s phone is set to one of these languages, the language of their app will be automatically updated.