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    Posted by Riley Ringler on 8/13/2018 4:00:00 PM

    java ride 2018.07

    It may not be fall yet, but the weather was certainly beautiful for a bike ride this past Saturday, August 11. Plus, as a bonus, our ride brought us to The Goodness Coffee House for a more than delicious breakfast. It was relaxing to get a chance to sit down with some good food and socialize with some new friends. Then, with soothed appetites we jumped back on our bikes and made our way back, completing our morning ride.

    This wasn’t the first Java ride of the summer though. On a previous Saturday, July 28, our destination of choice was the new Middle Fork Café, opening July 18. Not only did we get to enjoy, yet once again a wonderful summer morning, but the egg wraps and coffee were a splendid treat! The Middle Fork Café even has a cute little on site book store. In fact, many of us agree that we could sit and read while sipping coffee all day. Unfortunately our busy schedules wouldn’t allow us to do just that, so we returned to our bikes for a smooth ride through the neighborhoods before departing.

    I bet you’re thinking this is too good to be true, a bike ride and a treat to go along with it? Let your dreams come true! Community bikes rides began over two years ago, as a way to engage   members of the community together in a fun recreational activity. And what fun it is! In fact, not only do community rides happen on Saturday’s for Java rides, but once a month a Monday ride is scheduled. Anyone is welcome to join these rides as well, and they primarily consist of a trail ride.

    However, rides are not the only positive impact of the Willmar biking community. There has certainly been a move to build the biking infrastructure of Willmar over the last few years. Some additions include new safe bike routes through town, and safe routes to school for kids. Plus, in addition to monthly rides some annual rides have been established as well. There is the Mayor’s Bike Ride, which has been organized by the Convention and Visitors Bureau for the last six years, as well as others planned by Willmar’s Community Education and Recreation department. With Willmar being a bike friendly community we can only continue to build more love for the sport of biking. So hop on your bike and check out the trails or bring your family and friends to join in on the next community ride!


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