• Grade Acceleration

    This practice allows a student to be moved ahead of normal grade placement, either during the academic year or at the end of the school year. It is preferred that requests for grade level acceleration be made by the end of the third quarter of the prior year.


    1. A teacher, parent or student may initiate a grade acceleration request to the building administrator. Parents must fill out the Grade Acceleration Request Form and submit it to the building administrator.  If parents do not initiate request, they must be notified prior to a referral being made.
    2. The teacher may consult with the school’s student success team for intervention ideas to determine if the student’s needs can be met by implementing classroom enrichments.
    3. Information is gathered from parent and teacher regarding student performance
      1. Academic Achievement Assessments = Minnesota Comprehensive Assessment (MCA)  and/or FAST
      2. Ability Assessment = Cognitive Abilities Assessment (CogAT)
      3. Parent Inventory for Finding Potential (PIP)
    4. A building team including, but not limited to a teacher, the principal, and the school psychologist will review the request.

    Critical Considerations:  

      1. Social/emotional maturity
      2. Academic motivation
      3. Persistence; an intense interest in learning
      4. Strong independent study skills

    Other Considerations:

      1. If the child would be accelerated to the same grade as an older sibling
      2. If the child does not want to be grade accelerated
    1. The building team meets with parents to decide whether to continue the process
    2. If grade acceleration is recommended, a plan for class placement and transition consideration will be developed.  Follow up meetings will be scheduled as needed.
    3. If grade acceleration is not recommended, recommendations for current grade will be developed as necessary.