• Dismissal Procedures:

    School is dismissed at 3:20pm.  While we understand that sometimes you'll have an appointment and will need to pick your child up early, please know that between 3:00pm - 3:20pm secretaries will be unable to reach teachers to call students to the office.  Please plan accordingly.

    Bus Riders: Teachers will walk all bus riders directly to the bus area

    Cardinal Place: Teachers will walk all Cardinal Place students to the Cardinal Place room

    Walkers: Teachers will walk students to one of two doors nearest the direction students are walking.  Those walking towards the back of the school will go out the back door with the bus kids.  They will follow the walking path and stay out of the path of the buses.  Those walking towards the front or side of the school will go out the parent pick up door and follow the walking path to the front or side of the school.  Crossing guards will be located along Lakeland Drive to assists students.

    Parent Pick Up: Teachers walk all parent pick up students to the cafeteria.  The students will wait in the cafeteria until they are picked up.  There are two options available for parents.

    1. Park and meet your child inside the school:
      • Enter the southern entrance (across from the YMCA) and proceed to the parking lot.  Please do not park in the loop to enter the building to meet your child.  This causes major delays for all families
      • Children will be exiting the northern door of the cafeteria.  You may wait on the sidewalk for your child or enter the cafeteria from the northern door.  A Lakeland staff member will be there to let parents in the building beginning at 3:15pm.
    2. Wait in the car for your child to come to you:
      • Enter the southern entrance (across from the YMCA) and stay in the loop that goes around the front of the building
      • Staff will wait there with students and make sure they are with the adult
      • Children will exit from the northern cafeteria door
      • Once you have your child, please follow the loop back into the parking lot to exit out the southern drive.  

    *The bus arm will remain down during the day until approximately 3:30pm.  Parents will need to follow the loop, enter the parking lot, and proceed to the southern exit.  Please watch for children and be considerate of others.

    Please help us keep all kids safe and allow us a crowd-free supervisory area as we help students get home.  Thank you for working with us by following our dismissal plan.