• During School Hours:
    If a child needs to be picked up during the school day, parents/guardians/visitors must do the following:
    1. Bring a picture ID and sign the student out at the office.  The secretary must verify the person picking up the student is listed on the student's verification form before the student will be released to the person picking them up. 
    2. If you are visiting the school, visitor’s must show a picture ID and the secretary must verify that person visiting can see the student.  Once verified you will receive a visitor’s badge.
    3. If you must get a message to your student during school hours you must call the office before 2:45pm.  We will not accept messages after 2:45pm as it is difficult to get them delivered before school is released.
    4.  School is dismissed at 3:20pm.  While we understand that sometimes you'll have an appointment and will need to pick your child up early, please know that between 3:00pm-3:20pm secretaries will be unable to reach teachers to call students to the office.  Please plan accordingly. If you are coming before 3:00pm  be sure to bring a picture ID as the secretary will verify the person picking up the student.  We will not call students down to the office until you are in the main office to pick them up.