• Cardinal Strength Off-season Program (School Year)


    Importance of off-season training  
    The off-season is an important time for athletes.  In this time there are a lot of pressures put on athletes.  Recovery from the season is important, along with preparation for the next season approaching.  However, that doesn't always mean stop training!  Strength training and exercise can help in recovery, improve imbalances and injuries endured from the season, and prepare your body for the next season's demands.  While taking some time away from sporting activities after a sports season can be beneficial, proper training can actually help in the recovery process and keep you developing to your fullest potential!
    Our off-season training program is focused on the main aspect of building strength with proper lifting technique, which is crucial for adolescent athletes to improve athletic performance and reduce potential of injury.  The training program includes components of strength, plyometric, speed, agility, endurance, and flexibility training.  
    Athletes in grades 6-12 are encouraged to participate in Cardinal Strength and Conditioning.  The program is devised to instruct age-appropriate exercises and training techniques to provide a safe and effective means of increasing their athletic performance.
    The program consists of two different levels; with each level focused on building essential skills to progress the athlete through the program, while optimizing athletic skill enhancement.  Every level of the program is made up of three phases, with each phase lasting approximately three weeks.