• 2016 Season 
    Girls earn trip to Nike Nationals in Portland!
    Congratulations to the Girls Team for a 2nd place Finish at State! 
    state photo
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    August 29
    Moorhead Meet Info
    Sept. 8   Hopkins Meet Info Results
    Sept. 10        Sioux Falls Nike Preview Info
    Sept.15  Little Falls Info(section course)  Results 
    Sept. 22   
    Rocori Meet Info Results 
    Sept. 27 Hutch Meet Info Results 
    Oct. 1 Willmar Meet Info  Results
    Oct. 8  Alex Meet Info
    Oct. 11  Tech Meet Info
    Oct. 18 
    CLC Meet Info Results
    Oct. 24     Lefty Wright Info   Results 
    Oct. 27
    Section Meet Info Results 
     Nov. 5 State Meet @ St Olaf  Results
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    Section Meet:
    Team Champions-Girls
    Individual Champion-Sophie Schmitz 
     section champs  Sophie
    CLC Meet:
    Team Champions: V Girls, JV Girls, MS Girls
    Individual Champions: Sophie Schmitz-V Girls,
    Isabel LaRue-JV Girls, Nina Dawson-MS Girls 
     V girls  JV Girls
     MS Girls  Sophie
     Isabel  Nina
    Tech Meet:
    Team Champions: V Girls, JV Girls, MS Boys
    Individual Champions: Sophie Schmitz-Varsity Girls, Nina Dawson-JV Girls,
    Addie Hogan-MS Girls, Weston Hansen-MS Boys
     Vgirls  JVGirls
     Sophie  Nina
     Addie  weston
    Alex Meet:
    Team Champs: V Girls, JV Girls, MS Girls
    Individual Champs: Heidi Schmitz-JV Girls, Abby Coquyt-MS Girls
     v girls  jv girls
     MS girls  Heidi
    Willmar Invite:
    Team Champs: V Girls, JV Girls, MS Girls 
    Individual Champion: Isabel LaRue-JV Girls
     v girls  JV Girls
     MS Girls  Isabel
    Hutch Meet
    Team Champs: V Girls, JV Girls, MS Girls, MS Boys
    Individual Champions: Jessa Hanson-V Girls,  Leah Hansen-JV Girls,
    Emily Malmgren-9th Girls, Abby Coquyt-8th girls, Nina Dawson-7th girls,
    Ila Baumgart-6th girls, Hudiefe Mire-9th boys, Jonas Anez-7th boys 
     6th  6th boys
     7th girls  7th boys
     8th girls  8th boys
     9th girls  9th boys
     jv & v girls  v&jv boys
     Ila  jonas
     Nina  abby
     emily  Hudiefe
    Rocori Meet
    Team Champions: V Girls and Boys, JV Girls, MS Boys 
    Individual Champions: Serena Monson(VG), Nina Dawson(JV Girls)
    Avery Smith(JV Boys), Weston Hansen(MS Boys) 
     Serena  Nina
     Avery  Weston
    Little Falls Meet 
    Team Champions Girls: MS, JV and Varsity Teams
    Individual Champions: Nina Dawson(MS) and Leah Hansen(JV)
     Nina Leah
    Hudeife and Aden camping out at the school...just can't wait for morning practice! 
    waiting for practice
    Team Champions at Heartland Preview at Sioux Falls: Girls Varsity
    Girls V Sioux Falls  
    Team Champions at Hopkins(Gale Woods): Varsity Girls Team
    Hopkins team Champs  
    Team Champions at Moorhead: Girls Varsity and JV Teams
     Varisty Girls
     JV Girls
    Heartland Photos

    State Photos 

    Section Photos 

    Lefty Wright Photos 

    CLC Photos 

    Tech Photos (Sorry MS kids the rest of the pictures didn't copy to my disk and I lost them!)

    Alex Photos

    Willmar Invite Photos

     Hutchinson Photos 

    Rocori Photos 

    Sioux Falls Heartland Preview 

     Hopkins Photos

     Moorhead Photos


    Hutch MS Meet Pictures
    Rocori Pictures
    Hutchinson pictures
    Detroit Lakes Pictures
    Gale Woods Pictures
    Moorhead 2013 Pictures
    2013 Running Camp Pictures