• 2017 Willmar Cross Country
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    Team Supper and Awards will be on Sunday, December 10th at 6 PM at the Middle School cafeteria...more details to follow.
    Girls are 4th at state, Boys are 12th
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    Girls SectionTeam Champs
    Boys Section Runner up
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    Section Girls Champ Heidi Schmitz

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    Final Summer 800 times

    Ryan created a Strava club for Willmar XC.  Strava is a training tool that allows you to record and log your workouts.  Workouts can be recorded with a GPS watch or with a smart phone app.  
    Strava also has a social media aspect to it.  Any athletes that you 'follow' will appear in your newsfeed so you can see what all your peers (or heroes) are doing, and you can comment or give 'kudos' (equivalent to FaceBook 'likes') on workouts.  There are a ton of really elite athletes that use Strava religiously and it is neat to see their daily workouts.
    The Willmar XC group would be a private group for only our runners.  Strava automatically creates a weekly club 'leaderboard' that lists athletes in order by weekly mileage.  I think this could be a great motivator for kids to put in the miles when they can quickly see what other team members are doing and how they stack up.
    Moorhead Champs: JV Girls, MS Boys and Girls,
    Kylie Newcomer JV Girls, Hudeife Mire-V Boys
    JV Girls Moorhead MS Boys Moorhead MS Girls Moorhead Kylie Hudeife
    Hopkins Champions:JV Girls, MS Boys
    Emily Malmgren-JV Girls
    JV Girls Pic Goes hereMS Boys
    Heartland Champions: V Girls, Boys JV
    V Girls JV Boys
    Hutchinson Champions: V Girls, JV Girls, JV Boys,MS Boys
    Abby Coquyt -JV Girls, Aden Aden-JV Boys
    V Girls JV Girls
    JV Boys MS Boys
    Abby C Aden
    Rocori Champions: MS Boys, JV Boys, V Boys, V Girls
    Ian Koosmann-MS Boys, Aden Aden-JV Boys, Addie Hogan-JV Girls, Heidi Schmitz-V Girls   
    MS Boys JV Boys
    V Boys V Girls
    IAN Aden  
    Addie Heidi    
    Home Meet Champions:
    MS Girls, Lyndi Koosman MS Girls   
    MS Girls Lyndi  
    Alex Meet Champions:
    6th Grade Girls, MS Boys, V Girls
    6th girls MS Boys
    V girls
    Tech Meet Champions: MS Girls, MS Boys, JV Girls, 
    JV Boys, V Girls, V Boys
    Lyndi Koosman-MS Girls, Abby Coquyt-JV Girls,
    Heidi Schmitz-V Girls, Kory Behm, MS Boys, Mateo Marin-Mera-JV Boys, Hudeife Mire-V Boys
    MS girls ms boys
    JV Girls JV Boys
    V Girls V Boys
    Lyndi Abby
    Heidi kory
    Mateo hud
     CLC Champions: MS Boys, JV Girls, V Girls,
    Abby Coquyt-JV G, Heidi Schmitz-V Girls
    MS Boys JV Girls
    V Girls
    Abby Heidi
    Heartland Regional Champion: Boys Rising Stars
    Hudiefe Mire