• Team Expectations

    1. All wrestlers must abide by the rules and regulations set forth by the MNGWL 9th Grade League and the Willmar Student Handbook.  7th or 8th grade athletes must also abide by the MSHSL league rules to be eligible for High School participation.

    2. Wrestlers are student-athletes and must meet the academic requirements set forth by the Willmar Middle School, and the standards of the wrestling program.  Students grades will be monitored throughout the season.  Poor performance in the classroom will influence participation in competition.

    3. Attendance to all practices and events scheduled are mandatory.  Unexcused absences may affect the wrestler's participation in competition.  The coaches will develop an individual plan to deal with a wrestler's absence.

      1. Excused Absences

        1. The coach should be contacted prior to the absence.

        2. Absence will be deemed excused/unexcused based from coach’s discretion.

      2. Unexcused Absence

        1. You should contact a coach prior to practice if you are in school and will miss practice.  Failure to do so could result in an unexcused absence.

        2. If you are asked to leave practice for any reason it is unexcused.

        3. Disciplinary action for unexcused absences could include exclusion from competition and/or removal from the team.

    4. You must attend all meets/tournaments until the completion of that event.

    5. You will be required to dress appropriately on days of events and to events.

    6. Hazing or bullying of any type will not be tolerated.

    7. You must treat all coaches, teammates, and referees with respect.

    8. All rules infractions will be handled on an individual basis based on the judgment of the coaching staff.