Weight/Fitness Center Renovation Project

  • Willmar Cardinal Coaches are working on a major fundraising campaign to equip our new weights/fitness center. We anticipate the cost of new equipment, weights, bars and machines will be approximately $60,000. In order to make this a reality we are looking to our supporters for their help. We are asking you to make a one-time purchase of a “Dumbbell” to help fund our project. We have multiple donation levels to fit your situation. We will be recognizing each of our partners with a special “giving wall” which will have dumbbell’s displayed with a name plate on it to recognize the donor. The size of the dumbbell will depend on the commitment level from each donor with an example shown below. Dumbbells will be approximately ¼” thick and cut from aluminum. These will be displayed in the hallway outside of the new facility to provide exposure and recognition to those supporters.


    New equipments

    Check out some of our new equipments: 
    Mr. Oehler's Improvement of Fitness and Performance class setting up some of the new equipment
    GLUTE HAM   
     Glute-Ham Machines x2 
    NEW BARS  
    Texas Powerbars x9
    4 WAY NECK  
    4-Way Neck Machines x 2