Max Outs and Testing

  • We will be having our next testing week during the first of week August, which is July 31 - August 3rd.  You can complete your maxes during your session times with a coach's supervision.  Every max attempt must be completed with a strength coach.
    Max Out dates:
    July 31 - August 3rd
    October 30th - November 3rd
    March 19th - 23rd
    May 21st - 25th
    What tests will we be doing?
    Squat (1-5RM)
    Bench press (1-5RM)
    Clean (1-5RM)
    Deadlift (1-5RM)
    Total (calculated from your combined estimated 1RM of each lift)
    40 yd sprint
    Pro-agility shuttle
    Vertical jump
    Broad Jump
    *your height, weight, and vertical reach will be measured
    Max Out Sheet (calculate your estimated max)
    *during the max out you are allowed to complete between 1-5 reps to calculate your 1RM
    Max Percentage Chart (figure out how much to use for your workouts)
    *use your updated 1RM and find your workout percentages on this chart