• Wrestle-off Policy

    Team and individual competition lineups will be decided by coaching staff discretion, wrestle-off results, and challenge match opportunities.


    • The wrestle-off system will be an assessment used by our coaching staff to determine our team’s lineup.  The coaching staff does reserve the right to change the lineup in the best interest of the team.
    • All wrestlers will be strongly encouraged by the coaches to challenge for a spot on the Varsity team.
    • Wrestlers are required to be within a 4-pound weight allowance to be eligible to wrestle-off.  Extra pounds for consecutive events are not granted for wrestle-off weigh-ins.  Most wrestle-offs during the regular season will be conducted during practice the two days before a tournament or dual meet.  Failure to make the weight allowance will disqualify the wrestler from that weight class at the time of the wrestle-offs.  A weigh-in will be conducted by one of the coaches.
    • All varsity wrestle-off matches are full-length matches using MSHSL rules.  Matches will consist of 3 periods, each lasting 2 minutes.  Overtime will be conducted if needed.
    • A wrestle-off will consist of one match, with the winner being awarded with the varsity position for that weight class.
    • All wrestle-offs will be officiated by one of the coaches.
    • A wrestler who misses practice without notifying a coach will forfeit their right to wrestle-off for that competition.
    • Sign-ups for wrestle-offs will be posted in the wrestling room.  It is the wrestler's responsibility to sign up for the weight class they are wrestling-off for.  This must be done every wrestle-off opportunity if the wrestler intends to wrestle varsity.  The wrestle-off matches and details will be announced at practice when sign-ups are completed.

    Challenge matches

    • If there are more than two wrestlers challenging for a position at a weight class, numbers will be drawn to determine the order of the challenging matches.  The current varsity wrestler will hold the right to wrestle-off the winner of the challengers.
    • In a challenge match the varsity wrestler retains their position with one victory, while the challenger must win two consecutive matches to inherit the position.