• Policy and Procedures

    Communication amongst coaches, wrestlers and parents is imperative when establishing policies and procedures.

    Due Process

    • The coaching staff will be fair with the establishment and enforcement of team expectations
    • All athletes will be given the opportunity to explain his or her conduct before corrective actions are taken
      • 1st meeting - Coaching staff and athlete
      • 2nd meeting - Coaching staff, athlete and parent
      • 3rd meeting - Coaching staff, athlete, parents, and administration
    • Coaches reserve the right to hold athletes from competition for injury, corrective actions, and skin infection

    Events & Practices

    As a program, we take pride in our sport and appreciate the support we receive.  Below are some guidelines we ask to be honored to help provide the best environment for our student-athletes to develop.

    • Keep comments, gestures, and cheers positive and representative of our athletes, school, and program.
    • 24 hour rule - if you have a concern or issue at an event that does not need immediate attention, please wait 24 hours to address it with the coach following the "due process" procedures.
    • Attendance to practice(s) is limited to coaches and athletes, in relation to their participation level of the program.
    • Upon approval by the head coach; the school district requires that any coach, volunteer or paid, must have a background check completed and on file with the district before attending practices and working with athletes.