• Captain Application 2022-23


    Captain Expectations

    Captaincy is awarded to individuals based on their commitment to the team and the Willmar Wrestling program.  The title of Captain is an award for an individual’s demonstration of character and dedication, and is also a commitment that carries responsibility and accountability to the program.  This level of commitment extends through the entire year, serving as a role model and leader of the program.  The coaches use the characteristics listed below as a guideline when making the decision to award a wrestler with captainship.  The head coaches may revoke captainship from individual(s) at any time if they feel the requirements are not being satisfied, or that the influence on the team is not beneficial.
    Skills and qualities desired of a captain are as follows:
    • Ability to communicate well with others and create positive rapport
    • Shows dedication to the sport, coaches, and the Willmar Wrestling program
    • Leads by example through their actions and decisions
    • Is a positive role model both on and off of the mat
    • Exhibits a strong work ethic
    • Maintains academic integrity

    Actions considered when disputing captaincy:

    • Receives an alcohol or drug violation
    • Receives a failing grade
    • Receives suspension from school and/or school affiliated activities
    • Absences and tardiness to practice
    • Demonstrates actions that are deemed detrimental to the individual, team, or program

    Our captain(s) are expected to be leaders of our team, and program.  A captain’s influence on the team is very influential and important.  As an actively participating member of the team your attitude, dedication, belief, and support is what will assist in keeping the team’s focus and devotion.  Your belief in the coach’s decisions, practices, strategies, and events will influence the whole team’s mentality.  Your actions, comments, attitude, work ethic, commitment, and decisions are the characteristics that will influence your teammates.  Since a captain has such an influence on the team in a multitude of ways, the coaches will have meetings regularly to keep communication clear and consistent.  The captain also acts as a voice for the team.  Item’s in relationship to the team should be discussed with the head coaches and captain(s).  A captain is expected to be involved in, and promote, all of the team activities and events. 

    The coaches will provide the captains with direction and support.  An important part of being a captain is to take the responsibility to demonstrate leadership, and create team-building experiences.  The coaches expect discussion from the captain(s) on any decisions related to the wrestling program.