Strength Club

  • Cardinal Strength Standards

    We are in the process of building a new TRAINING CULTURE in Willmar athletics!  The strength standards have been created as an assessment of our athletes strength.  Strength is one of the most valuable tools for an athlete.  Strength enhances all skills; explosiveness, speed, power, agility, endurance, while also preventing against injury.  Our strength standards are goals for our athletes to strive to become stronger and improve their athletic performance.  The emphasis is to improve technique first... the strength will come!

    What are the standards?

    The standards are organized by weight classes.  The lifters are assessed by the amount of weight lifted in correlation to their weight class.  You must make weight during your max out sessions to qualify.  This approach encourages achievement for a broader class of athletes.  The philosophy is not only that the biggest guy is the strongest.   Many sports require there athletes to be lean, leading to an increased importance if strength gains.

    How do I find my max? 

    The lifting total is the combined 1RM of four lifts; squat, clean, bench press, deadlift.  The athletes 1RM maxes are determined from a range of 1-5reps, with a chart that will calculate the estimated maxes for the athlete if necessary.

    When do we qualify for the Strength Clubs?

    The Strength Clubs are determined with completion of the summer Cardinal Strength and Conditioning program.  The last week of the program is "max out" week, and the strength scores will be assessed along with other testing for speed, agility, and vertical.   We are also looking at adding testing weeks in late fall and spring next school year!