Parent Contact Verification

  • Verifying your Contact Information for automated voice messages such as Inclement Weather Announcements

    You have a Parent Portal Account:

    • After you login to your account, go to the bottom of the index on the left hand side and click on “Contact Preferences”. 
    • The grid at the bottom of this section will display your phone and email information along with the check boxes for the numbers that are used to contact you with the different types of messages that could be sent out. 
      • **Weather related messages are sent under the Emergency type and Spanish/Somali translated version will be sent under the Priority type.
    • If you remove the check marks under the "General" column, you will no longer receive the meal balance automated calls for low/negative balances; please do not remove these check marks. 
    • Review and make the changes to your preferences and then click the “Save” icon.   

    You don’t have a Parent Portal Account: If you are concerned your phone number that is marked to recieve the automated calls is incorrect or if you have a recent change to your phone number, please call the school your child attends and they can help you verify.



    Don’t have a Parent Portal account and want one? 

    If you do not have a Parent Portal account, you can easily sign up.  Just go to, fill out the Parent Portal Activation request, then turn the form into any one of the schools your students(s) attend.  Please allow 2 weeks for processing.



    Feature in Parent Portal to Request Other Census Changes such as household members, addresses etc.

    Is there data in your parent portal that needs to be changed? In three areas you can use portal self-service to request these updates. The request will be sent to our District Office for approval and once approved they will update the data. Please allow a couple weeks for this to be processed.


    The three areas are:

    1. Family > Household Information
    2. Family > Family Members
    3. Select Student from Switch Student > Demographics  


    Basics steps to request updates:

    1. Select the area you need to make a change to from the list above
    2. Next to the info you need to change select update (or in student > demographics under student non-household contacts select  add contact or remove contact)
    3. Enter new data
    4. Enter any comments if desired
    5. Select Send Update
    6. The request will be sent to our District Office for approval and update