• The 2020-21 Middle School Wrestling Season is finally coming together!  What a year this has been!  As a program, we have been working diligently with the School District and City to be able to provide a safe and enjoyable opportunity for the Youth in our schools and community to participate in the sport of wrestling.  Our program has always strived to combat the stigma of health concern of the spread of disease in the sport, and will continue to do so.  There are a few accomodations to the operation of our program, and we will continue to adjust with the ongoing changes in our society.

    The Middle School Season will begin on Monday, November 30th and will operate through the month of January.  The Christmas Break schedule will be provided at the beginning of the season.  Athletes will only be able to attend practices on days they are attending school (AA/BB).  Distance learners (DD) will be assigned to a practice day.

    Here is an overview of some guildelines and practices that are being implemented to ensure our coaches and athletes safe:

    • You must register your wrestler PRIOR to attending the first night of practice.
    • Daily health assessment and attendance prior to entry - every practice athletes will have to complete their daily assessment before entering the wrestling facility
    • Masks are required - coaches will be required to wear masks.  Athletes wlil be required to wear masks upon entry/exit of the facility and wrestling room, during breaks when social distancing is not possible.
    • Mats will be disinfected before and after each practice
    • Equipment will be disinfected between training groups
    • Athletes will be assigned training groups of 4 or less each week to reduce contact between peers
    • Athletes will be assigned to a training area to allow for social distancing between groups
    • Each athlete is responsible to bring their own water bottle to practice
    • Wipes will be provided to disinfect headgear and wipe down contact areas on body
    • Hand and shoe sanitizing stations will be provided and required upon entry
    • Practices will be limited to the coaching staff and participants
    • We ask you to pick up your child within 10 minutes of the
      end of practice. This helps relieve any potential congestion that tends to
      happen, as well as cross contamination.


    *New this year - We will be forming a Parks & Rec class for wrestlers in 6th-8th grade.  Check out this webpage on our site for more information.


    Middle School Wrestling Starts Monday, November 30th 2020

    Register with the Middle School Main Office - Link to Middle School Sports Page 


    The Middle School program is an important “bridge” between our Youth and High School levels of the wrestling program, as well as an integral recruiting platform.  The stages of development during the adolescent ages impose many changes, pressures, and expectations onto our youth.  This is the stage in our program that the sport of wrestling should encompass fun, instill direction and expectations, and provide instruction to prepare them for the High School level.  Competition is a great experience, with and emphasis on team and development of the student-athlete.

    Our goal is to build the Middle School program by keeping Middle School age wrestlers competing at the Middle School level.  We want our experienced Middle School wrestlers to influence the team by building leadership skills and increasing the skill in the room.  These skilled wrestlers we can build and maintain a higher level of wrestling in the room, and will enhance the team's success as they progress toward the High School program.  We want to build our program numbers to have enough depth in our rosters to support our teams with athletes in the respective grades.  We do not want to build an expectation of advancing to the High School.  This will support the wrong expectations in our athletes and promote a negative image to our young wrestlers; that they are "not good enough" to advance.  This is not the purpose.  Instead, we want them to become leaders and experience success with their peers.  This will help our program to build a strong Willmar Wrestling tradition!

    The Middle School wrestling team consists of eligible wrestlers in grades 6-8.  Our Middle School program is a part of the Minnesota 9th grade league, and participates as a member of the North Section of Region 2.  Our Middle School follows the Region 2 schedule for events and competitions throughout the season.

    7th & 8th Grade Wrestlers 

    7th/8th grade wrestlers are expected to compete at the Middle School level, following the expectations of the Middle School program.  7th & 8th grade wrestlers must follow the Middle School schedule to be eligible for 9th grade league post-season competition, or advancement to the High School level.  Eligible wrestlers may be asked by the Head Coach to participate at the JV/Varsity level.  This advancement only occurs when the coaching staff, administration, parents, and athlete agree that the decision is the best for the student-athlete and program (in that sequential order).

    6th Grade Wrestlers 
    6th grade wrestlers are expected to participate in all activities on the Middle School schedule.  Because the 6th graders are not eligible to compete in some of the 9th grade league events, they are also eligible to compete with the Youth program for some events around the Middle School schedule.  These Youth events will be provided by the coaches with the Middle School schedule.