• The 2021-22 Youth Wrestling Season is upon us! 

    Here are our wrestling course offerings this year.  Check out each webpage to get the registration links and more information:

    Youth Wrestling Fall Clinic

    • K-5th grade
    • October 24-27
    • High School Wrestling Room
    • Bussing provided from Roosevelt and Kennedy to Lakeland
    • Free of charge

    Early Bird Practices

    • K-2nd and 3rd-5th grade course offerings
    • November and December
    • Willmar Senior High Wrestling Room

    Cardinal Youth Season

    • K-2nd, 3rd-5th, 6-8th grade course offerings
    • January, February, March
    • Willmar Senior High Wrestling Room


    Youth Wrestling is the foundation for the future of the Willmar Wrestling program.  Getting young athletes interested and involved in the sport of wrestling is what will make our program a success.  The youth program consists of wrestlers in grades K-8.  The focus at the youth level is to get many kids involved and enthusiastic about the sport.  The main teachings will be centered around enjoyment and learning the basic skills of the sport.  Competition is not the focus during these ages; it is learned through practice experience, and when the athlete is ready they should compete at events.  Competing is a parent/family decision.  Our coaches will provide support and direction based on their perspective of your athlete’s development.


    Our Youth program competes in Individual and Team tournaments.  Parents are encouraged to bring their wrestler(s) to any tournaments.  The Youth coaches will provide a schedule of tournaments that you can attend throughout the season.  Parents are free to coach their child(ren) at any Individual tournament.  The Youth coaching staff will coach at Team events.