• 2015 Bond Referendum:  Invest Today For Their Tomorrow
    What is a Bond?  
    A bond referendum is used for building costs and maintenance projects.  Funds pay for expenses such as maintenance repairs, building additions and technology upgrades.  This is NOT to be confused with a levy referendum, in which funds are used for expenses such as supplies, utilities and salaries. The May 19th election is a bond referendum.
    May 19th Ballot
    On Tuesday, May 19th, Willmar residents will go to the polls to vote on a bond referendum for Willmar Public Schools.  There will be two questions on the ballot.  Question 1 proposes projects including construction of a PreK-5 facility.  Question 2 proposes the construction of a field house at the Senior High campus.  
    The cost of Question 1 is $52,345,000
    The cost of Question 2 is $7,750,000
    The funding from Question 1 ($52,345,000) will be spent towards:
    • The construction of a new PreK-5 elementary school
    • New science classrooms at the Middle School
    • Gymnasium addition at the Senior High
    • Gymnastics addition at the Senior High
    • Acoustic improvement to gymnasium at Senior High
    • Remodeling for learning at Kennedy Elementary, Roosevelt Elementary, Middle School and the Senior High
    • Deferred maintenance at Jefferson Learning Center (replace boilers & controls, brick tuck-pointing,replace exterior doors/steps,add lift to lower level, electrical repairs, and other structural repairs)
    • Deferred maintenance at Kennedy Elementary (replace unit vents & controls, roofing in selected areas, replace windows, brick tuck-pointing, replace main exterior doors, replace fuse panels, and other structural repairs)
    • Deferred maintenance at Roosevelt Elementary (replace roofing in selected areas, install fire suppression system, and other structural repairs)
    • Deferred maintenance at the Alternative Learning Center (brick tuck-pointing and ventilation work in gym)
    • Deferred maintenance at the Middle School (replace roof top units and other ventilation work, replace boiler burner, replace roofing in selected areas, and other structural repairs)
    • Deferred maintenance at the Senior High (replace roofing in selected areas and pool dehumidification)
    The funding from Question 2 ($7,750,000) will be spent towards:
    • Construction of a 51,000 sq. ft. field house at the Senior High campus. 
    • 6 court basketball arena (volleyball, baseball, tennis, track, softball, etc.)
    • Track (fitness or competition has not been decided).
    • Storage rooms
    • Changing rooms
    • Small concessions room
    • Restrooms

    All materials prepared and paid for by Independent School District No. 347 (Willmar Public Schools), 611 5th St SW, Willmar, MN 56201.  These publications are not circulated on behalf of any candidate or ballot question.