• West Central Achievement and Integration Collaborative Member Districts
    Willmar Public Schools, along with ACGC (#2396), KMS (#775), BOLD (#2534), MACCRAY (#2180), Montevideo (#129), and NL-S (#345) are part of an integration collaborative with the purpose to pursue racial and economic integration and to increase academic achievement, create equitable educational opportunities and reduce academic disparities based on students' diverse racial, ethnic, and economic backgrounds.
    Collaborative Activities 
    Activity 1:  Summer Jumpstart into Math
    Plan Components:  Integrated Learning Environments:  Differentiated instruction and targeted interventions designed to increase student achievement. 
    Narrative Description:   A summer Jumpstart Math classes will be provided for incoming 8th graders that are not on track to qualify for Algebra 1.  This program aims to increase math achievement as well as reduce disparities for all students with specific targeted efforts toward reducing disparities between Non-FRP and FRP students.  Students will be selected to participate in the summer program based on their Math MCA proficiency scores along with teacher recommendation.  Students from all member districts will be invited/encouraged to participate in this activity.  The aim of this work is to align the professional development with students' need, thereby creating a paradigm shift in how math teachers are delivering math instruction across grades 6-8.
    Year 1 (2014) - planning year
    Year 2 (June 2015) - incoming 8th graders
    Year 3 (June 2016) - incoming 7th and 8th graders
    Year 4 (June 2017) - incoming 6th, 7th, and 8th graders will participate 

    Activity 2:  Professional Development
    Plan Components:  Integrated Learning Environments: Policies, curricula, trained instructors, administrators, counselors, and other staff.
    Narrative Description:   In order for teachers to write the courses that will be taught in the summer of each year, we have secured the support of Paul Agranoff who has agreed to meet with grade level teachers from all of the collaborative districts during the school year in order to coordinate the writing of the classes.  Paul will be using all of his expertise in the area of math best practices in order to support our teachers professionally and personally in knowing and teaching mathematics beyond arithmetic.  This will provide initially our middle school math teachers the opportunity to meet collaboratively off site to extend and support their teaching that will result in increased learning opportunities for those students who have identified as having some sort of achievement gap.
    We feel that through the use of the professional development, not only will it extend to those students taking the summer class but will also promote the paradigm shift in instructional practices amongst all math teachers. 

    Activity 3:  Math Fair
    Plan Components:  Integrated Learning Environments: Increased cultural fluency, competency, and interaction.
    Narrative Description:   provide all students and their families an opportunity to attend Math Fairs during the school year in which to showcase community careers that utilize math.  The outcome will be, to increase the number of students seeking opportunities to enroll in upper level math courses along with increasing family participation in math fair offerings.  Families from all Member districts will participate in the event for those students in grades 6-8.  The Math Fair will occur three times per year as follows:
    Time 1:  Willmar will host the event - Grade 6
    Time 2:  New London-Spicer will host the event - Grade 7
    Time 3:  Montevideo will host the event - Grade 8 

    Activity 4:  Equity and Achievement Coordinator
    Plan Components:  Training teachers and administrators. Professional development resources and training for improving achievement of all students.
    Narrative Description:   This position exists to work with teachers and administrators in analyzing data and reporting systems to create a deeper knowledge and awareness of student data and reporting.  The data will serve as a way of assisting to identify students who could be successful in advanced courses, which could benefit from participating in the Summer Jumpstart program, and/or students who need to be referred for research based interventions.  They will also support and organize the math fairs and the anth nights for families and students.  This will be a shared position who works individually, and sometimes collaborative, with all Member Districts.