• Willmar Public Schools Wellness Page
    Please consider joining the Wellness Committee!  We have meetings the first Tuesday of each month after school.  They are located at the Willmar Public Schools District Office Cardinal Room and begin at 3:30pm.  Please contact Chelsea Brown, Wellness Coordinator with questions or suggestions for the committee.  She can be contacted via email at browncr@willmar.k12.mn.us.

    2016 Bio-metrics & Wellness Incentive

    This year has brought some changes to the Wellness Incentives:

    • Bio-metric numbers are NOT needed for the online Health Risk Assessment.
      • You will just need to check a box that you have recently checked your blood pressure and total cholesterol and that you've compared your numbers to the health ranges listed.
      • We have added MORE testing to the bio-metric screenings!  This year we will also be testing for Vitamin D, Hemoglobin and TSH levels!  You will recieve your results in a confidential format as you have in past years.  Because some of these tests take longer than others, your results may come in separate envelopes.  
      • All testing is FREE to employees on the Health Insurance Plan.  (If other employees would like to particpate, you will need to pay the fees for the testing.)
    • The online Health Risk Assessment is no longer through BCBS, but is through Wellstream (WELCOA).
      • www.wellstreamonline.com
      • Username:  willmarXXXX   (XXXX is your employee ID.  If you do not know it, please contact anyone in HR or Payroll.)
      • Password:  wellness    (You will required to reset it upon logging in.)
      • The entire assessment will take between 10-15 minutes.  It is must easier than in previous years!  Just continue to click through the assessment to get your report at the end.  
      • Completing the HRA is worth $50 of the incentive funds.  
      • You must only complete the HRA to receive the incentive funds.  You do not have to reach target levels or complete extra modules.
    • You must create an account with ClearCost Health.
      • Click HERE to Register and begin using ClearCost Health to find costs for medical and pharmacy.
      • Registering with ClearCost Health is worth $50 of the incentive funds.
      • You must only register with ClearCost Health to receive the incentive funds.
    • You must agree to participate in a Fitbit Challenge that the Wellness Committee will organize.  
      • Staff will receive information in May on how to purchase their Fitbit valued at $107.  
      • The Challenge will be created by the Wellness Committee.  Your participation is required, but the outcomes are up to you.
    • You must sign off that you have completed the items above and fax or mail the verification and authorization form to Kelly at EBIS.  
      • The contact information is located at the bottom of the form.
    • The total incentive is $100 into your VEBA or H.S.A. and a Fitbit valued at $107. 
      • The $100 incentive will be placed by the end of the first quarter in 2017-2018.  (Note:  You must be an active employee at the time the incentive is paid in order to receive the funds.)
      • You may purchase a more expensive Fitbit and just pay the difference between it's cost and the $107 incentive.

    When do you need to complete this by?

    So the Bio-metric screening is not required?

    Correct!  This year you do not have to participate in the bio-metric screening in order to receive the incentive funds.  However, you will need to verify that you have recently checked your blood pressure and total cholesterol.  Participating in the bio-metric screenings will give you that opportunity.  Also, we've added three new tests to the bio-metric screens!  Get your Vitamin D, Hemoglobin and TSH checked!

    What if I already own a Fitbit?

    Consider giving one away as a gift to a family member or a friend!  Or consider upgrading your current Fitbit!

    Why did the incentive funds change this year?

    There has been a lot of feedback from districts requesting the need for Fitbits to conduct wellness challenges etc.  Because of the popularity of them there was a need to adjust the incentive amounts to account for the increased participation.  The incentive amounts are looked at every year and will be reconsidered again next year.   

    2016 "We are Willmar" Annual Staff Wellness 1,600 Minute Club Challenge
    Monday, January 11 through Friday, March 18
    Week One (1) Winners:
    Mary Fake (WEAC), Laura Fank (WHS), Ann Trochlil (Jefferson), Bety Danielson (Kennedy), Taylor Steen (WMS), and Angie Hoppe (Roosevelt)
    Week Two (2) Winners:
    Dione Wangen (Roosevelt), Cindi Kroona (Roosevelt), Cassie Akerson (Kennedy), Tammy Duscher (WHS), Lou Klaers (WMS), Jeff Winter (WMS), David Chambers (Prairie Lakes), and Kathy Meyer (ALC)
    Week Three (3) Winners:
    Nancy DeSchepper (ALC), Lisa Simons (WEAC), Jill Stevens (WHS), Polo Jasso (WHS), Laura Wangen (Kennedy), Patti Johnson (WMS), Crystal Lenz (Roosevelt), and Maria Iedema (Roosevelt)
    Week Four (4) Winners:
    Marci Iverson (Kennedy), Kathy Voss (Kennedy), Luisa Martinez (WMS), Leah Rosendahl (WHS), Pam Vruwink (Jefferson), Megan Johns (Roosevelt), and Jessie Olson (WEAC)
    Week Five (5) Winners:
    Lisa Molacek (ALC), Chantell Slagter (WEAC), Sheila Johannes (WHS), Dustin Carlson (WHS), Christina Hirschman (Jefferson), Kathryn Freeman (Kennedy), Cyndi Nibaur (WMS), Angie Michelson (WMS), Jen Otto (Roosevelt)
    Week Six (6) Winners:
    Marilyn Worke (WHS), Kelly Gustofson (Roosevelt), Karlene Wog (Roosevelt), Kathy Damhof (Kennedy), Justin Bowland (WMS), Kelly Schneck (PL), Jennifer Wold (WHS)
    Week Seven (7) Winners:
    Taylor Collins (WMS), Darla Reynolds (WMS), Christina Cameron (Kennedy), Lois Schweiger (Kennedy), Katelyn Konieczny (Roosevelt), Candace Kallevig (WHS), Renee Getz (WEAC)
    Week Eight (8) Winners:
    Abby Martens (WHS), Carrie Thomas (WEAC), Sarah Baukol (Roosevelt), Pat Hillenbrand (WMS), Lori Tusa (Kennedy), Kim Hoover (Jefferson)
    Week Nine (9) Winners:
    Ellen Helgeson (WHS), Tara Bernhagen (WMS), Karen Douglas (Roosevelt), Traci Anderson (Kennedy), Kathryn Haase (WEAC), Heather Giese (PL), Heather VanBeck (Jefferson), Betty Dawson (ALC)
    Week Ten (10) Winners:
    Jena Tollefson (Jefferson), Ann Ranney (Kennedy), Kimberlie Biddick (Kennedy), Brandt Lager (Kennedy), Sheri Pederson (WHS), Lyndsey Bice (WHS), Deb Kleven (WMS), Mark Stier (WMS), Dana Vruwink (Roosevelt), Tammy Rueckert (Roosevelt), Leonore Mireles (Roosevelt)

    Weekly Minute Trackers

    2016 "We are Willmar" Annual Staff Wellness 1,600 Minute Club Challenge Description
    Are you looking for some motivation to include more physical activity in your everyday routine to start the New Year off right?  The district staff Wellness Committee has an answer!  Participating in our 1,600 Minute Club challenge can give you the motivation you need to reach your fitness goals.  This challenge encourages everyone to by physically active for 1,600 minutes during a ten-week time period.

    1,600 minutes sounds like a lot, but to reach your goal, you’ll only need to be physically active for 160 minutes a week!  We do ask that you work out a minimum of 4 days per week.  You just need to hit 160 minutes per week.  For some of you, this is already a habit – so keep it up!  For others, you may need some support to get your minutes in, so please ask your coworkers for ideas.  A lunchtime walk is a great way to get in your daily physical activity.  Remember – teamwork can keep you motivated and will make it fun!

    We ask that you perform some type of moderate to vigorous exercise and that it is outside of your normal work day, ie. before school, after school, lunch break, weekends, etc. Some examples of activities include walking, running, lifting, participating in an exercise class, swimming, sports, etc.
    • We will have a weekly drawing for prizes for all participants;
    • There will be a grand prize drawing for participants who make it through the entire ten weeks at the end of the challenge;
    • Everyone who participates in a minimum of eight (8) out of the ten (10) weeks of the challenge will receive a free "We are Willmar" t-shirt! (You will need to specify your t-shirt size on your pledge sheet. All t-shirts will be distributed a week after the challenge is completed.)
    • Abie Vick, Communications Coordinator, will send out a weekly email with the Google Form link for you to fill in with your minutes. 
    Follow this link to sign up for the challenge through Google Forms:

    Free Healthy Soup Class
    The District Staff Wellness Committee is bringing back the Free Healthy Soup Class with brand new recipes to add to your collection. All sessions are from 3:45 - 5:15 p.m. in the Middle School FACS Room #143. Please only sign up for one class. The sign up is on a first come, first serve basis with 15 spots available in each class. Follow the link below to learn more and to sign up today! Please contact Chelsea Brown via email at browncr@willmar.k12.mn.us with any questions.

    Free Fitness Class - Cardio Chisel
    Are you interested in getting an energizing cardiovascular workout and chisel (sculpt) your body with light weights, body weight, and resistance bands? Then this class is for you! We are providing three dates for you to choose from. Please only sign up for one class. All classes will be held on the WEAC stage starting at 3:45 p.m. Classes will run 50 minutes in length. Sign up with some of your fellow colleagues! All classes are on a first come, first serve basis. Follow the link below to learn more and to sign up today! Please contact Chelsea Brown via email at browncr@willmar.k12.mn.us with any questions.