• Willmar Public Schools Wellness Committee
    Please consider joining the Wellness Committee!  We have meetings the first or second Tuesday of each month after school.  They are located at the Willmar Middle School Multipurpose Room and begin at 3:30pm.  Please contact Alison Scheffler, Wellness Coordinator, with questions or suggestions for the committee.  She can be contacted via email at schefflera@willmar.k12.mn.us.

    2018-19 Wellness Incentive

    The incentive this year will be $500 in a staff member's VEBA/HSA account, for those in the SWWC health insurance pool, if the following two requirements are completed:

    1. Participate in TWO activities from the Wellness Committee this year.   

    2. Participate in Biometrics this year.  This will be the same process as previous years, where you can participate in our screening or get the information from your doctor and fill out a form we will provide.

    Note: There will be no added incentives this year (i.e. T-shirts, To Your Health shakes, water bottles, etc.)

    2018-19 Wellness Activities
    Sleep Hours Challenge: Dates - November 26-December 14
    Details - The National Sleep Foundation recommends adults 18 years and older get 7-9 hours of sleep each night.  During this challenge document how many hours you sleep each night, either on your own or with a Fitbit that can track your sleep.
    We Are Willmar Staff Challenge: Dates - January 7-February 1
    Details - This is a 4 week challenge.  Document the number of minutes you are active each week (walking, running, lifting weights, doing yoga, etc.) outside of your work hours.  The goal is to be active 40 minutes each day, 4 days a week for 160 minutes a week.  
    Wills, Trusts and Legacy Seminar: Date - TENTATIVE: January 21st
    Details - This will be an hour and a half seminar presented by Ben Taatjes of Taatjes Financial Group and Attorney Jon Saunders of Anderson Larson Saunders & Klaassen, PLLP.  Ben will cover the financial and legacy perspective of having a will and trust and Jon will focus on the legal perspective.  Snacks will be provided and there will be giveaways for those in attendance.
    Eat Your Greens Challenge: Dates - February 4-March 1
    Details - Keep track of your vegetable intake each day.  The recommended amount is 3-5 servings according to the food pyramid.  It is your goal to keep within this serving size each day throughout the challenge. 
    Water Challenge: Dates - March 4-March 22
    Details - The challenge is to place 5 rubberbands around a 20oz. water bottle daily and remove a rubberband each time you re-fill your bottle. Goal: 100oz. per day!  Drinking water helps maximize physical performance, has a major effect on energy levels and brain function, may help to prevent and treat headaches, can help with weight loss and so on.
    Fitness Classes: Dates - November 26-March 22
    Details - If you sign up for and particpate in a fitness class offered through Willmar Community Education during the above dates you can get credit toward the VEBA/HSA incentive by filling out the google form sent out weekly.  *Note: You must participate in at least two different challenges plus biometrics for the incentive.  Two fitness classes will not count as two challenges. 
    Mindset Presentation: Dates - TBD
    Details - TBD; Presenter Cindra Kamphoff
    Live Cooking Demonstration: Dates - TBD
    Details - TBD
    Omada: Dates - November 26-March 22
    Details - Staff who meet the qualifications for Omada can use this as one of their 'challenges' toward the VEBA/HSA incentive.  Staff who participate in Omada must also participate in one other 'challenge' plus biometrics to earn the incentive.